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Marilyn Lawerence

Join acclaimed author Marilyn Lawrence for:
“Glam From The Inside Out!”
When was the last time you gave yourself an internal makeover?

    Have you found that no matter how many new outfits, treatments, makeovers, and spa sessions you have there is something missing? Despite all the “external adjustments” you still don’t appreciate fully the way you look and feel? Perhaps it is time we look deeper…

Unless you like the looks of your inside “self” you will never be truly happy with the outside, And, if you are not happy with the “you” that you present every day, how can you expect anyone else to feel differently?

Let’s start an internal make-over, shall we?

Find your triggers, stumbles, and hurdles that hide your “Shiny,” and learn ways to make your favorite new outfit the one you wear within!

 When you feel connected with self and your purpose,
You shine brightly for all to see.
Talk About Glamorous!


Dale's pic 300

Join International Speaker, Master Live Now Coach, and International Live Now Speaker Reverend Dale Lawrence for:
“Collaborating With Your Own Life… Cancer to cure in 110 days” 

Join Dale as he takes you on a journey of personal awareness, personal life connectivity, and wellness coloration. Over the past 45 years, Dale has been diagnosed with and lived beyond terminal Systemic Lupus in 1974, numerous heart attacks, kidney transplant, emergency open heart surgery, terminal cancer diagnosis, crushed vertebra and spinal illness and with a help from Spirit, and by his own choice, lives and thrives now, today.

“If you do have the chance, join Dale for real-life spiritual thinking, his humor and coaching in this very unique, engaging, informative, and at times, downright funny way. He will share his many tools for healing your life, your mind and your heart and how to heal your body. You will leave with inspiration and belief.”

“All wellness, physical, mental or otherwise begins with the real you, your belief system, your spiritual self, and what you do with self in a collaboratively defined way… Live your best self NOW; it is your birthright.”  Dale Lawrence

“My Path Is Mine!  Where It Leads, I Do Not Know.
What I Do Know Is, I Will Not Let Fear Hold Me Back From The Adventure!”