We will be updating at the first of the year for our speaker lineup for the April 13 & 14, 2024 Spring Expo! Stay tuned…

Our last show’s lineup to give you an idea of what our speakers are like:

The Fall Expo Speaker Lineup

for Sept 30 & Oct 1, 2023

Saturday September 30, 2023

Class Room “A”

Nick Salzman
“Crossing over Earthbound Spirits with a Pendulum”
Booth 13

Megan Mercer
How Breathwork Can Instantly Improve Your Life
Booth 16

Marilyn & Dale Lawrence
The Power of I Am Affirmations”
Booths 62/63

Bethel Evans
“TBA”Introducing Transmission Mediation for the New Age”
Booth 66

Marla Santino
“Animal Communication to Strengthen Your Bond“
Booth 88

Class Room “B”

Janet Doerr
“Transform Your Energy, Transform Your Health”
Booth 73

Erik Roth
“Personal Alchemy and the Moon”
Booth 14

Susie Price
“Energetic Protection”
Booth 97

Nicole Person
“Introduction to Working with Energy”
Booth 10

Bevin Clapper
“Light Your Fire with Candle Magic”
Booth 76

Sunday October 1, 2023

Class Room “A”

Robert Zakian
“Emotional Healing”
Booth 31

Todd Rohlsson
“The Path to Higher Self – Understanding your Intuitive Skillset to Open Your Full Natural Connection”
Booth 65

Kyle Mays
“Holistic Iridology – The Great Remembering Begins in the Eyes”
Booth 79/80

Rose Kress
“Discover Your Chakras Through Yoga”
Booth 41

Bridget Peeples
Gallery Reading
Booth 27

Class Room “B”

Patti Downing
“Infusing Tone, Vibration & Frequency into Orgonite Art”
Booth 93

Kerri Russell
“Relax Your Pet – A Proven & Simple Technique You Can Learn Today”
Booth 39

Intuitive Tiffany Rose
“Galactic Stories and Channeled Messages for Starseeds”
Booth 50

Cathy Morton
Group Activation & Gallery Reading
Booth 6

Dena Swift
“What is a Death Doula and What do They do?
Booth 58

RaSani Fair
Featured Speakers

Saturday 11am in Class Room A

Join Nick Salzman for:

“Crossing over Earthbound Spirits with a Pendulum”

Nick Salzman brings to light the inner workings of the human spirit and consciousness. Utilizing a Pendulum as a tool to assist, he has developed a unique approach in the world of Pendulum Healing. 

In his 45 minute talk he will go over the topics of, enhancing intuition, developing dormant abilities, how to identify and clear Earthbound Entities, and how to send healing energy with a breathing technique he calls the Ha.

 Nick has developed his own line of custom Pendulums and is well known in the Dowsing Community from being a speaker for Dowsing conferences in the USA such as the ASD Convention, West Coast Dowsers Convention, and the Flagstaff Dowsers Conference.

Aside from having a unique approach to energy healing, Nick really knows how to engage with the audience and is happy to answer questions of all types. 

To learn more about Nick and his special Pendulums check out his website and be sure to like and follow his social media accounts. Facebook and Instagram: Pendulum Apometrics and Youtube: Nick Salzman.

Find Nick Salzman at Booth 13

Saturday 11am in Class Room B

Join Janet Doerr for:

“Transform Your Energy, Transform Your Life”

The root cause of your health experiences is in your energy.   But where? Janet Doerr, Medical Intuitive and Master Energy Healer, shares how to receive your body’s messages and trace the energy to your emotional, mental, physical, or etheric bodies.

Our bodies are always lovingly presenting us with “symptoms” to guide us to the imbalances in our energy. Janet leads an energy process to connect you with your “Body Elemental“ and receive a message about what your body needs for vibrant health.

Come receive the insights to transform your energy and create the vibrant health you are choosing!

Find Janet Doerr at Booth 73

Saturday 12pm in Class Room A

Join Megan Mercer for:

“How Breathwork Can Instantly Improve Your Life”

Join Megan Mercer of Destination Reverie as she invites you to tap into an innate physical, mental, emotional and energetic healing tool that you already have, your breath.  In a world where we can easily get thrown off track and out of alignment in the hussle and demand of our fast paced lives, Megan will teach you how to quickly regulate your nervous system using a few simple tricks.  These are lifelong skills that you can use for yourself and teach those you love to welcome a greater sense of calm, ease and peace into your life. 

From her own colorful past of living with PTSD and eventually going on to study Psychology and many forms of energy work, Megan is rooted in the belief that it all starts with the breath. The comforts, the discomforts, the dis-ease, and the experience of pure presence, joy and pleasure. 

Megan is a life coach, sound healer, and breathwork facilitator who specializes in helping people with over-stimulated nervous systems come back into balance. Her passion is sharing this knowledge with businesses, corporations, leadership groups and individuals who want to push past resistance to maximize their personal potential and make their dream life a reality.

Find Megan Mercer at Booth 16

Saturday 12pm in Class Room B

Join Erik Roth for:

“Personal Alchemy and the Moon”

Ever thought about the Moon as a guide in our lives?  Astrologer Erik Roth will share about the Moon and working with it alchemically to align with what we desire in life. The Moon holds a very powerful influence in humanity and for each of us on a personal level.  In this presentation, you will receive some basics on how to use inner alchemy with the phases of the Moon along with your own personal Moon sign.  

Alchemy itself is more than just external chemical reactions.  As human beings, we constantly alchemize things within us, including on a psychological and spiritual level.  The Moon can help us see what we need to do to take advantage of our talents and powers to make the most of our life.  Every phase of the Moon and its astrology sign gives us the knowledge and wisdom we can utilize here in our lives.  Examples of the major Moon phases will be shown.

Find Erik Roth in Booth 14

Saturday 1pm in Class Room A

Join Marilyn & Dale Lawrence for:

The Power of I Am Affirmations

Join Marilyn and Dale Lawrence, as they share why and how using I Am Affirmations can literally sculpt and re-sculpt your life. Plus, they will introduce a new tool, “The Processing Pyramid.”

Marilyn explains, “Since the time we were young we have experienced things. Some have left joyful energetic imprints on us, others, not so joyful. Whether happy or sad, these experiences have provided lessons for our soul’s forward progression. Lessons make us smarter. They aid the soul by moving up the consciousness ladder to mastery.

“Unfortunately, what happens a noticeable amount of the time with difficult lessons is we hold on to them and dwell on them, taking them to bed with us, waking up with them, reliving them over and over, pulling them from yesterday into today, then tomorrow, next month, next year. Pretty soon the puddle where each hard lesson has rested becomes larger, like a dark hole, it continues to become heavier and heavier, darker, and darker with each thought of fuel we give it until it begins to ferment and become dis-ease in the body.”

  The good news? “Realization provides opportunities for new realities.” 

During this seminar, Marilyn and Dale will share the power of” I Am Affirmations.” You will be given personalized “I Am Affirmations” directed specifically to your individual needs, and you will be taught the new release tool, “The Processing Pyramid.” 

Coupling Marilyn’s Angelic personality and gifts with Dale’s humorous delivery has proven to set the stage for audiences across the globe to receive information that will not only accentuate their lives but accelerate them too. If you have joined them at one of their events, you will understand that you don’t always know what to expect. It is not unusual to have messages come in for seminar attendees and even visits from Angels, Divine Guides, and loved ones who have “graduated.”

Marilyn Lawrence is a Divine Messenger, an Intuitive Coach, Speaker, and Author of eight books, including her newest release, “I Am My Own Creation, book & oracle cards, plus, she has more projects in the works. Utilizing her strong sense of sight in conjunction with her Divine Team, she is able to discover stuck energy and what does not serve people and helps them to release it. Marilyn is passionate about helping people let go of their stagnant “puddles and fermenting energy” so they can joyously skip along their purpose path. She instructs adults and children alike to mindfully recognize their purpose-driven qualities so they, too, can make the difference they were born to make in this life and achieve full-life satisfaction. She has and continues to write varied release techniques and meditations that aid in this growth. 

Marilyn has been a guest on several radio shows, has been quoted in blogs and websites, has been the featured speaker at various private and public events, and has been featured in newspaper articles and magazines. She enjoys an active schedule of leading retreats, coaching, writing, speaking, book signings, and teaching.

Dale Lawrence is a Gifted and Accomplished Communicator, Coach, and Developer of many Educational Platforms. He assists individuals with clarity, obstacle resolution, and releasing of old and anti-purpose-driven patterns or behaviors. He facilitates the discovery of needed and unneeded patterns to be realized, embraced, and categorized through healing words and actions, whether embracing strengths, releasing restrictive programming, and beliefs, or understanding their emotionally reactive behaviors. Dale’s seminars won’t leave you wondering. They are packed with ample common truths, personal application methodology, tools, humor, and “A-ha” realizations.

Diagnosed with terminal Systemic Lupus in 1975 and surviving heart attacks, a kidney transplant, cancer, and many challenges throughout his life, Dale has followed a belief and career path with one driving focus- “Be. and be consciously awake.”

His deep spiritual belief is that no matter our differences or where we seek or look, each of us at some level has an intense desire to know ourselves better…to know who we are…to know why we are…to know how we get beyond restrictions and embrace a purpose and passion-filled life. In his messages, Dale says and teaches, “The answers are indeed within reach and within each of us…the key is in the process of awakening the sleeper within.”

Marilyn Lawrence- MarilynLawrence.com
Just Breathe Retreats- Justbreatheretreats.com
28 Day Sculpting Challenge- 28daysculptingchallenge.com
Find Marilyn & Dale Lawrence at Booths 62/63

Saturday 1pm in Class Room B

Join Susie Price for:

“Energetic Protection”

Susie is an intuitive and free-thinker, living in the Pacific Northwest with her family. She’s the host of Spiritual Freedom Podcast – a podcast devoted to all things spiritual and metaphysical – where she holds space to normalize the “weird” of a spiritual journey and encourage the release of limiting beliefs and dogma. 

She has come a long way from a childhood of conservative religious beliefs in her home state of Texas and she’s thankful every day for relocating to Oregon. Susie is an attorney (corporate defense attorney and former prosecutor). She incorporated skills used in that setting to strengthen her energetic protection practices. Susie wants to share those lessons and techniques so that you can: feel your own authentic energy, increase confidence of knowing your energy, use and create protection techniques that resonate with you, and stay in this protected alignment so that you can enjoy more peace in your life.  

You can learn more about Susie and her work from her website and her social media platforms (YouTube, Facebook, Instagram: Spiritual Freedom Podcast).

Find Susie Price in Booth 97 

Saturday 2pm in Class Room B

Join Bethel Evans for:


Saturday 3pm in Class Room A

Join Marla Santino for:

Animal Communication to Strengthen Your Bond”

Marla has always had a strong connection with Spirit.  Even as a young child she would talk about “ghosts” that presented themselves in her childhood home.  Through her adult years, she worked to better understand how this gift can help serve a higher good.  It is with this intention that she works with clients to help improve their health and connection with spirit and animals.

Some of Marla’s spirit animals include dogs and horses.  She believes we should all strive to be the best person our spirit animal would want us to be.  It is for this purpose that she has expanded her studies into Reflexology, Reiki, Communication/Mediumship and Animal Massage.

Find Marla Santino at Booth 88

Sunday 11am in Class Room A

Join Robert Zakian for:

“Emotional Healing”

You are love; you are spirit. Robert will show you how to embrace this truth by safely releasing patterns and habits keeping you from your true self. As you welcome this new persona, you will know happiness and wisdom.

Robert has provided  workshops and intuitive readings since 2001.  He combines the spiritual teachings of India and the psychology of western thought.  Come for an uplifting and spiritual journey.

Find Robert Zakian in Booth 31

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Sunday 11am in Class Room B

Join Patti Downing for:

“Infusing Sound, Vibration and Frequency into Orgonite Art”

She is currently placing her focus on combining the sound healing arts with the creation of her beautifully crafted orgonite art pieces to create exceptional and unique one of a kind tools. With her knowledge of gemstones and their healing properties, along with the understanding of the powerful energy produced during sound therapy, she has learned to combine the two modalities together to make beautiful art pieces that offer many benefits.

Her talk will demonstrate the basic science behind sound, vibration and frequency, and how this process brings the body back to order and how it also enhances the intentions placed in each of her original orgonite pieces.

Find Patti Downing in Booth 93

Sunday 12pm in Class Room A

Join Todd Rohlsson for:

“The Path to Higher Self – Understanding Your Intuitive Skillset to Open Your Full Natural Connection”

Todd Rohlsson is a full time multidimensional psychic – He will offer this talk, and help read each audience member that raises their hand to share their individual intuitive skillset. Lots of fun and learning here!

Find Todd Rohlsson in Booth 65

Sunday 1pm in Class Room A

Join Kyle Mays for:

“Holistic Iridology – The Great Remembering Begins in the Eyes” – How the eyes reveal where we were, where we are, and where we are going.

Kyle Mays is a Holistic Iridologist.

Iridology is a 3,000 year old art and science. The Iris, Sclera, and Pupil of the eye show the veil the soul has created, through consciousness (or forgetfulness), that reflects the illusion which prepares the soul for attaining the reality of full enlightenment. The eyes are the “windows of the soul” and can reveal our physical, emotional, and mental characteristics. Kyle helps interpret those characteristics to help you evolve and heal.

Kyle first became familiar with holistic healing and Iridology over 20 years ago during a visit with Ruben Schwartz, an Amish man in the backwoods of Kentucky. Kyle learned many things about Iridology, herbs, food as medicine, and other natural healing practices from Ruben.

In 2014 Kyle attended the world’s leading education on Holistic Iridology® at the International Institute of Iridology® led by David J. Pesek Ph.D. who is heralded as the “New Pioneer in Iridology” and one of the “world’s preeminent Iridologist” by leading health organizations.

Kyle also extends other holistic healing practices with Men’s Coaching, Sobriety Mentoring, Reiki, and Meditation by guiding you inward to transform your life through his own spiritual healing experiences.

Kyle believes the true nature of healing begins on the spiritual level first, then into the mental and emotional levels, and finally into the physical body.

Find Kyle Mays in Booth 79/80

Sunday 2pm in Class Room A

Join Rose Kress for:

“Discover Your Chakras Through Yoga”

Rose Kress leads an experiential discussion through the seven main energy centers from a Yogic Perspective. You will come away with a deeper understanding of the chakras and simple practices to help you awaken and clear your energy.

Rose Kress, ERYT-500, C-IAIT, YACEP, Owner/Director of LifeForce Yoga Healing Institute, Yoga Therapist and author. 

Rose found yoga in 1994 and began teaching from her heart in 2004. Her journey through the constrictions of physical pain and mental afflictions led her to LifeForce Yoga in 2002. Since then, Rose’s driving force has been supporting people in using yoga, meditation, and everyday magic to heal themselves. She distills yogic truths and the wisdom of her teachers, Amy Weintraub, Maria Mendola, and Rama Jyoti Vernon, into their basic essence for ease of practical application in life. Rose’s work includes the book Awakening Your Inner Radiance with LifeForce Yoga, multiple CDs, videos, and the popular Best Practices series on LifeForce Yoga for Mental Health. She leads international trainings, online courses and classes, as well as Aqua Yoga and exercise classes in Albany and Lebanon, OR. She is one of the teachers for the Samadhi Yoga Kula Teacher Training at Sole to Soul Yoga in Albany and is co-teaching the Chakra Retreat with Valeria Pearson.

Find Rose Kress in Booth 41

Sunday 2pm in Class Room B

Join Cathy Morton for:

“Group Activation & Gallery Reading”

Cathy Morton was a resident of Alaska currently residing in Ashland Oregon.  Founder of Crystal Color Reiki training initiations and healing workshops. She is a Crystal Reiki Master & Shaman.

Cathy spent the last twenty-two-year mentoring with Crystal Master James Hugh. Her home and land are inundated with thousands of lbs. of huge, activated quartz crystals. These magnificent earth keepers have assisted the awakening of Cathy’s inner knowing and authority, granted by the “Beautiful Many” the time is NOW to share long hidden ancient wisdom regarding the crystalline kingdom.

Bring your questions….

Find Cathy Morton in Booth 6

Sunday 3pm in Class Room A

Join Bridget Peeples for:

“Gallery Reading”

Bridget is a natural psychic medium located in beautiful Salem, Oregon. Join her for a group gallery reading for the audience. It is Bridget’s goal to bring through clear and precise messages to help you gain clarity and healing to assist you in moving forward on your current life path.

Find Bridget Peeples in Booth 27

Sunday 3pm in Class Room B

Join Dena Swift for:

“What is a Death Doula and What do They do?”

Dena Swift is a Death Doula.  She helps people who have discovered their time is running out, make the most of their final months of life.  It is her mission to help people complete their journeys, in spite of a ticking clock.  Some have dreams they need to realize, others have confessions they need to make, and most need to forgive or find forgiveness – before their time runs out. When they know the end is coming, she can help them live.

You may hear end-of-life doula referred to as a soul midwife, end-of-life coach, death midwife, transition guide, or death doula.  As an end-of-life death doula I help manage the transition between life and death. During this time, Dena acts as a companion to the dying or as an advocate for the family’s needs.  She works in conjunction with hospice and palliative care programs to provide non-medical companionship to the dying and their families to complement the clinical support they receive. Providing a wide range of holistic services, including physical, emotional, spiritual, and practical support from the time of initial diagnosis through bereavement.

As part of her practice, she also assists the living by crafting holistic death and rebirth rituals & ceremonies. By nature, this role is holistic and highly personal. 

All you brave souls ready to explore your curiosity and fear around death and dying? Come join the conversation ~ Let us talk about death and learn about life.

Find Dena Swift in Booth 58

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