Fall 2019 Speakers

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Saturday October 5, 2019

Class Room “A”

Class Room “B”

Class Room “C”

Anna Adams
“Soul Mate Connections”
Booth #45

Joshua John
“Mediumship Development”
Booth #43

Jan Gagnon
“Clear Chakra Blocks to Receiving & Double Your Income”
Booth #25

Kasey Schweickert
“Flower Power: Flower Essences & Their Healing Power”
Booth #83

Jennifer Diallo
“Your Divine Design: Activating Your Original Soul Blueprint” Booth #12

Karine Calhoun
“Tapping into your Inner Truth with Access Consciousness Bars & Body Processes”
Booth #39

Mani Pureheart
“Exploring -A Book of Answers-“
Booth #22

Dale Lawrence
“Working in Partnership with Your Own Beliefs… Creating a Loved Life”
Booths #57/58

Erik Roth
“Insights Into 2020 Through Shamanic Astrology”
Booth #11

Psychic Medium CHERI
“Traditional Chinese Medicine Psychic Mediumship”
Booth #82

Marilyn Lawrence
“Discovering Your Treasure Room”
Booths #57/58

Jenn Reed
“Exploring the Wonders of Quartz”
Booths #59/60

Nicole Person
“Powertools from a Healers Notebook for Stressful Times & Challenging  People”
Booth #10b

Bill Cael
“Singing Bowls Resonate to Remind Us of Our Full Potential”
Booth #52

Dr. Robert Lund
“9 Ways to Insure Strength & Vitality to 99 Years of Age!”
Booth #49

Sunday October 6, 2019

Class Room “A”

Class Room “B”

Class Room “C”

Robyn Jacobson
“Steps on How to Forgive People from Your Past”
Booth #69

Diana Kekule
“Nature Speaks – Messages from the Consciousness of Our World”
Booth #62b

John Thompson
“Using Your Quantum Energy to Stay Young & Healthy”
Booth #71

Suchi  Kumar
“Love Yourself, Live Your Purpose to Uplift Humanity & the Planet”
Booth #4

Rev. Cherie
“Messages Across the Vail”
Booth #22

Lauren Whitley
“Tools for the Empath”
Booths #59/60

Mike & Marla Santino
“Chakra Cleansing with Crystals”
Booth #61

Alethea Devi
“Shamanism & Family Constellations”
Booth #36

Lisa Vogel
“Good Grief”
Booth #10a

Amanda Primasing
“Fall & Winter Wellness with Essential Oils”
Booth #8

Kendra Jonas
“7 Sacred Principles to Higher Consciousness”
Booth #88

Donna Mainord
“Healing & Centering After Trauma”
Booth #38

Abbey Rose
“Using Everyday Experiences to Manifest Greater Abundance”
Booth #2

Rose Kress

Nadi Hana
“The Consciousness of Crop Circles”
Booth #27

Fall 2019 Featured Speakers:



Saturday October 5th 11am in Class Room B

Join Evidential Psychic Medium Joshua-John for:

“Mediumship Development”

Joshua-John’s mission is to help as many people as possible, in whatever way possible. Because of his difficult past, he is particularly sensitive to the suffering and challenges faced by his clients, especially when it involves grief, trauma and loss.

Joshua-John has learned that there is a lesson and a gift in every difficult experience, and that everything happens for a reason. But at the same time, we all have free will, and we can chose how we respond to these situations, thus creating the highest possible path to awareness and healing. He is here to help heal, guide and support you as you navigate your unique and sacred path.

Join Joshua-John in a Q & A delivering a few messages from spirit and talking about mediumship development.

Find Joshua-John in Booth 43

Jan Gagnon

Saturday October 5th 11am in Class Room C

Join Jan Gagnon for:

“Clear Chakra Blocks to Receiving & Double Your Income”


Playing small to stay safe, taking care of everyone’s needs but your own, or feeling it’s not ok to declare your value & shine are indications of 1st, 2nd and 3rd chakra blocks. We learn tribal (family & culture) rules in childhood that define your value, safety, the world,  & nature of receiving (love, money, right, work etc.)

By uncovering and clearing old programming that can cause self-sabotage as an adult, we can move through inner obstacles, create new neural pathways, and create a better life and income. Join us as we do a process to uncover your limiting beliefs, tap away old programming, and double your income. Please bring a pen to jot down notes.

Jan Gagnon is an Empowerment Coach and Empath, Retired Naturopathic Physician & Instructor of many years.  Her training also includes Hypnotherapy, Behavioral Therapy, Tapping Into Wealth Coach and Spiritual Seeker over 30 years.  Sessions are offered online via Zoom and in person.

Facebook: Enhance your life coaching with Jan Gagnon
Find Jan Gagnon in Booth 25


Kc Schweickert

Saturday Oct 5th 12pm in Class Room A

Join Kasey Schweickert for:

“Flower Power: Flower Essences & Their Healing Power”

Flower Essences are the vibrational imprints of flowers captured in spring water. When used they have the potential to address profound issues of emotional well-being, soul development, and mind-body health. In our discussion today we will talk about how flower essences are created, their uses and how to work with them on our healing journey.

Kasey is a Shamanic Practitioner, Reiki Master Teacher, Rocks and Reiki Master, Egyptian Numerologist, Sound Therapist, Channel/Psychic, Flower Essence Practitioner & Herbalist; a dreamer of dreams, and a believer that magic is created every day. Her practice and teachings utilizes the energy of crystals, sound, plants and flower essences. As an artist she is always exploring her imagination to co-create a world of endless possibilities. As a sacred energy practitioner and teacher she strives to empower others to empower themselves through understanding how to connect to the source that connects us all.

Find Kasey Schweickert in Booth 83


Jennifer Diallo

Saturday 12pm in Class Room B

Join Jennifer Diallo for:

“Your Divine Design: Activating Your Original Soul Blueprint”

The Akashic Record is the history of everything. And YOUR Akashic Record is the history of your soul – from its original creation to now… Your Original Soul Blueprint…  Are you wondering what your purpose is or how you serve? Would you like to know where in the Universe your soul came from and whether you are a Starseed? Do you suspect that you’ve shared other lifetimes with another person? Do you wonder whether you are in the right career, relationship, location for you? Would you like to know more about your team of guides and angels? These answers and more can be found in your Akashic Record.
Jennifer Diallo is an Advanced Soul Realignment(c) Practitioner trained to access the Akashic Record, download your originating blueprint, and provide answers that can help you understand why you are uniquely the way you are. A Soul Realignment session helps you access authentic self-expression at your highest vibrational frequency, and gives your life an empowering boost. You’ll experience enhanced clarity, focused intention, and release of past trauma, uncertainty, and blocks to success and happiness. Sessions are offered online via Zoom and in-person in Portland. Visit Booth 12 to find out more and schedule your session today!

Find Jennifer Diallo in Booth 12



Saturday 1pm in Class Room A

Join Mani Pureheart for:

“Exploring – A Book of Answers-“

Mani was awakened by Spirit on his 42nd birthday. For the next year, he was taught exclusively and directly by Spirit.

He has ‘died’ several times over the intervening years, traveled through the ‘tunnel of light’ and has had some remarkable, life-changing experiences as a result.

Spirit instructed him to write “A Book of Answers” from his own highest awareness. It is a remarkable Oracle, with the power to unlock information you have hidden from yourself. It has often been used to reunite families, smooth personal paths and enhance spiritual growth.

Today’s talk will include readings for several participants. Please plan on coming to this one!

Facebook: Mani Pureheart
Find Mani Pureheart in Booth 22


Saturday 1pm in Class Room B

Join Dale Lawrence for:

“Working In Partnership With Your Own Beliefs … Creating a Loved Life”

For nearly 30 years Dale Lawrence has been traveling the country and world, sharing real tools, and enlightened messages that have transformed and altered the way people see and then embrace the challenges /obstacles in life. Dale’s “Live Now” tools and messages come from a real and relatable way of being and embracing life.

Through multiple near-death experiences, terminal diagnoses and enormous life challenges, Dale has overcome many of the same challenges (he refers to them as opportunities) as his audiences. Lawrence still travels but frequently works with his wife Marilyn Lawrence Co-producing the very popular life-altering course called the 28 Day Sculpting Challenge (www.28DaySculptingChallenge.com)as well as their annual Just Breath Retreat.

In his seminar, Dale will show you powerful methods for looking deep inside your own beliefs so leveraging the roadblocks in your life is not just possible, it becomes achievable. He will share real easy to use tools that can literally launch your belief system and life forward. And as Dale says … “Because you own your beliefs and are the architect of your own life, everything is possible”… “The challenge for most is recognizing which beliefs are theirs and which beliefs are something they learned”.

Live Your Life As If You Own It … LIVE  NOW!

Find Dale Lawrence in Booth 57-58

Erik Roth

Saturday October 5th 1pm in Class Room C

Join Erik Roth for:

“Insights into 2020 Through Shamanic Astrology” 

Based in Portland, OR, Erik has been a professional astrologer since 2010, bringing archetypal-awareness to many as we journey to fulfill our soul’s intent. Certified by Daniel Giamario of the Shamanic Astrology Mystery School, he provides astrology readings, talks and teaches shamanic astrology across the Western US.

Find Erik Roth in Booth 11


Marilyn Lawrence

Saturday October 5th 2pm in Class Room B

Join Marilyn Lawrence for:

“Discovering Your Treasure Room”

Did you know that our Souls have a room that stores all of our past lives treasures?

In a recent coaching session, Marilyn was shown this amazing space for her client. One can open to this area and receive the treasures that they have gathered in past lives. Now that’s exciting!

In this seminar, Marilyn will take you on a meditative journey to your soul’s treasure room where you will be able to access anything that is for your highest and greatest good in this lifetime.

As always, Marilyn will enlist the help of the Angels and Masters for further messages and releases… plus, you never know “who” else may choose to aid in the discoveries. It is not uncommon to have a graduated loved one show up too!

It is suggested you bring a pen to jot down notes.

Find Marilyn Lawrence in Booth 57-58



Saturday Oct 5th 2pm in Class Room C

Join Jenn Reed for:

“Exploring the Wonders of Quartz Crystal”

Quartz is known as the master healer, and when used in conjunction with other crystals and minerals, it amplifies their effect. Dow, Transmitter, Generator, Phantoms, Warriors, and Rainbows are some of the many unique and rare formations of quartz crystals which have specific metaphysical properties.

Jenn Reed and Lauren Whitley of Hearts Compass will show a sampling of the many unique types of quartz, how to recognize them, and how they can be used. This will be a hands-on workshop with examples for you to see and use. Learn how quartz can open a whole new world for you to explore!

Find Jenn Reed in Booths 59-60



Saturday October 5th 3pm in Class Room C

Join Dr. Robert Lund aka Doc Bob for:

“Restoring Vibrant Health in Mid-Life – The 9 Major Health Bandits… 
… and some surprising and inexpensive “hacks” to combat them!

Dr. Bob Lund (Docbob!), DNM, TN, CTH, is a board-certified doctor of natural medicine, traditional naturopath, and certified tribal healer (First Nation Medical Board).  Dr. Lund has been a blood and nutritional researcher for over 25 years and has authored and published medical journal papers.  Dr. Lund specializes in getting to the root of illness, focusing on how to be healthy, rather than managing disease symptoms. Specializing in epigenetics, Dr. Lund helps identify lifestyle and environmental elements that distract the body from health and vitality and trigger genetic-tendency health problems. He utilizes numerous modalities including blood lab analysis from a functional/holistic perspective, herbal medicine, metabolic balancing, live blood microscopy, earth grounding, “sick” building remediation (mold/toxins/EMFs), nutritional and vitamin/mineral therapy, and other traditional naturopathic healing techniques.

Dr. Lund helps people restore their bodies to the “blueprint” that they will thrive by.  He is passionate about helping people experience all the energy and vitality they need in order to be all they can be and do all they can do to walk out their purpose for their lives… so that they can die “young” at a very old age!

His talk will focus on the 9 jaw-dropping ways to get to the root of nearly all of the chronic and degenerative disease (CDD) that is (or will!) plague the vast majority of every person in the U.S.  Humanity as we know it faces near-extinction if we do not give priority attention to these 9 Bandits now.  These 9 actually go to the root of CDDs today… and perhaps the most shocking thing is that the ways to combat these bandits often costs little or nothing! Do not miss his talk!

Find Doc Bob in Booth 49



Sunday October 6th at 11am in Class Room B

Join Diana Kekule for:

“Nature Speaks – Messages from the Consciousness of our World”

Mother Nature Speaks!

Nature is one of our greatest teachers and allies as we dwell upon the earthly plane together. Nature Spirits are the indwelling consciousness within all that we see, hear, taste, smell, and feel in our natural world. When you look into the eyes of an animal, do you see it’s inner beauty? Do you sense the life-force within a tree? Do you hear sweetness in birdsong? Do you feel the heartbeat of a stone in your hands? If you answered “yes” to any of these, it means you have connected with the divine consciousness of that being. These are just a few of the infinite ways to commune with Nature Beings.

Nature Speaks delves into this empathic phenomenon by presenting the compelling voices of Nature Spirits from the animal, plant, mineral, and elemental kingdoms. Each Being speaks eloquently with love, wisdom, and candid expression.

Diana Kekule is deeply dedicated to communion with our natural world. She practices what she feels is akin to the ancient and indigenous ways of Earth Whisperer. It is a sharing of intimate heart-to-heart dialogue with the Intelligent Consciousness of Mother Nature, but it is mostly about listening.

From Heaven Sweet Nature Springs!


Find Diana Kekule in Booth 62b



Sunday October 6th at 11am in Class Room C

Join John Thompson for:

“Using Your Quantum Energy to Stay Young & Healthy”

John Thompson’s exploration of energy and health began in 1976 with the first of 17 trips to the magical, mystical land of India. That same year he began practicing reflexology, Touch For Health and Breath of Fire. In this entertaining and highly participatory workshop, you will learn many important keys for maintaining your youth and vitality, including:

*Using foot and hand reflexology to energetically release bodily ailments and afflictions

*How to utilize a powerful mantra breathing practice known as Pranayama to control your breath and your life

*The amazing energy system called Touch For Health, including throwing “energy balls” that can empower or disempower people or animals from a good distance away

*The history and amazing potential of Orgone energy in completely protecting yourself from the negative effects of EMFs, including cell phones, computers, electrical stations, “smart” meters, cell towers, ect.

*The ancient history of Kombucha Mushroom Tea and its life-changing health benefits

*How to practice the 5 rites from The Fountain of Youth in maintaining eternal youth

*Using Kinesiology in your daily life

*The value that can come from using your pendulum every day

*The crucial importance of the pineal gland and its role in your spiritual life

* The importance of consuming coconut oil to preserve your brain

During the past 40 years, John has studied with many highly evolved energy masters, including Sathya Sai Baba, Ravi Shankar, Amachi, Ramtha, Karunamai, and Nithyananda. The workshop will include healing wisdom from these enlightened beings

Find John Thompson in Booth 71


Mike and Marla Santino

Sunday October 6th at 1pm in Class Room A

Join Michael & Marla Santino for:

“Chakra Cleansing with Crystals”

 Michael and Marla have worked together to help people resolve mental, physical and emotional blockages including anxiety and depression through chakra realignment and energizing.  Their unique approach integrates intentions with the use of Stones which has enabled the highest energies to empower clients to heal from historical trauma.  This model of chakra cleansing, often combined with herbs, essential oils and reflexology, provide a personal therapeutic result.

If you are curious about how to best connect healing your Chakras, Meridians and Organs with the infusion of stones and reflexology this is a great place to start.  They will have several examples of stones for you to investigate with and see how your body’s energy may respond.

Find Michael & Marla Santino in Booth 61


Kendra Jonas.jpeg

Sunday October 6th 2pm in Class Room B

Join Kendra Jonas for:

“7 Sacred Principles to Higher Consciousness”

Kendra Jonas is a published author, a trans-channeler, and an orgonite artist. After spending most of her adult life running and operating several online businesses in the corporate world, Kendra realized there was more to life when she was faced with a debilitating illness that nearly took her life. Miraculously, Kendra’s health was restored after she experienced several visitations by other worldly beings who healed her. Kendra has maintained a relationship with these beautiful light-beings ever since and she has made it her mission to serve as a bridge between this world and the 5th dimension. Today, she offers trans-channeling services to connect others to their higher self and to the world beyond.  Kendra will be presenting materials based on her book called, “The Link” which uncovers and explains The 7 Sacred Principles to Higher Consciousness.

Find Kendra Jonas in Booth 88

Nada Hana.jpeg

Sunday October 6th 3pm in Class Room C

Join Nadi Hana for:

“The Consciousness of Crop Circles”

Crop Circles contain a multi-dimensional intelligence that can activate our extra sensory perceptions, reveal latent genius capacities and actually elevate humanity to a 5D reality.  As you can imagine, it would take a fairly sophisticated technology to simultaneously work on levels of mass consciousness and genetic upgrades.

The advanced intelligence of Crop Circles is designed to interface with our genetic patterning as we observe them. Our genes are actually programmed (much like our software systems) to receive upgrades in our operating system so we can continue to evolve.

The more we work with them, the more we can experience a greater sense of alignment, coherence and peace, which can help us navigate this world right now. And by work with them, Nadi simply means… looking at them.

We will watch a few short mind-blowing videos about crop circles and even see them being made by UFO’s. Nadi has put together a spectacular slide show of knock your socks of Crop Circles, and there will be all sorts of information to share!

Nadi Hana is an artist, geometrist and crop circle visionary.  She teaches sacred geometry drawing classes and offers crop circle activations monthly. Her artwork can be found locally at New Renaissance bookshop in Portland, OR.

Sacred Geometry contains the access codes for our personal and collective liberation.  Sharing the unifying principles of existence through Sacred Geometry is one aspect of her service in the collective awakening.

Find Nadi Hana in Booth 27















Don’t be confused. Info from here below is from the Spring 2019 show and will be taken down shortly.

Spring 2019 Featured Speakers

James Chavez

Saturday April 13th 11 am in Class Room C

Join James ‘Chaz’ Chavez for:

“Sound Healing, How & Why it Works”

James Chavez (Chaz Pro) is a lifelong musician (bands & DJ) and sound engineer  He has trained in depth with many different modes of holistic healing, specializing in Sound Healing. Chaz utilizes NADA yoga, vibrational therapy, and sound energy to invoke self-healing and the balancing of energies in the mind, body, and soul. 

Chaz is a Reiki master, has completed Sound Therapy Certification through the Global Institute, and has studied with various shamans in Mexico & Guatemala. 

Chaz will be guidance through a workshop on the basics and elemental concepts of how sound heals through intention brainwave entrainment and cymatics. He will discuss the latest medical findings and what the medical associations are doing with sounds and frequencies, as well as, talk about ancient teachings from impossible situations and how they use sounds frequencies and music to heal the mind body and spirit.

Find James ‘Chaz’ Chavez in Booth #84

Amanda Primasing

Saturday April 13th 1pm in Class Room C

Join Amanda Primasing for:

“How to Incorporate Essential Oils into Your Daily Life”

Amanda is passionate about therapeutic grade essential oils and is a Silver Leader with Young Living here in the Willamette Valley! She has a beautiful 19 month old son named Jack and an amazing other half who walks along side her as an Executive Leader in YL!
Amanda’s family started using oils a little under 2 years ago with a Premium Starter Kit from Young Living. She was 5 months pregnant with Jack and desperately searching for a better way to live! She is very happy to have found that with Young Living. Amanda is a part time nanny, a DONA certified Doula, and a crazy oil loving mama who wants EVERYONE to experience the wellness, purpose, and abundance her family has. She cannot wait to share with you how simple it is to live a healthier lifestyle using Young Living!
In this short class she’ll be teaching about Essential Oils, why choose Young Living, and the best way to get started! Each attendee will receive a free gift!”

Find Amanda Primasing in Booth 8

  Lauren Whitley


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