2017 List of Presenters

Saturday October 7th

Class Room “A”

Class Room “B”

Class Room “C”

11:00 “A”
“Forgiveness & the Coming Year: Arch Angel Raphael Channeled Message”
Trisha Michael
T. Michael Healing Arts

11:00 “B
“How our Pain can be Used for Healing and Developing a Deeper Relationship with Self”
Dylan Szurek
Initial Connection

11:00 “C”
“Egyptian Book of Wisdom: Personal Archetypes, Tests & Gifts for Life Transformation”
Susan Schwendiman

12:00 “A”
“Creating with Intention Bringing Old Stories Conscious & Transforms Them”
Nadya King
Nadia’s Atelier

12:00 “B”
“Healing Through the Akashic Records”
Jennifer Diallo

12:00 “C”
“Negative Hydrogen Ion Water Filters”
Luis Eguia
Spring AquaH

1:00 “A”
“We can Ask and Believe, but How do we Receive?”
Kerri Russell

Meridian Learning NW

1:00 “B”
“CBD’s – What the Hemp?
Get Yourself Educated”
Norman Baldwin
Crystal Heart Books


1:00 “C”
“Forgive, Accept & Heal the Inner Male & Female: A Guided Chakra Awakening & Balancing”
Cathy Morton
Aurora West Productions

2:00 “A”
“Lightworker Activism – Don’t Just Get Mad, Start Healing!”
Michelle O’Shea
Intuitive Healer

2:00 “B”
“Aligning our Personality with Your Spiritual Soul Mission using Karmic Astrology”
Mary Jo Wevers
Soul-Personality Integration & Healing

2:00 “C”
“Meditation Interventions to Rewire the Brain”
Dr. Jeff Tarrant
Neuromeditation Institute, LLC

3:00 “A”
“Interpreting Your Dreams: Principles & Techniques”
David Rivinus
Teacher of Dreams

3:00 “B”
“Staying Healthy Naturally with Proper Nutrition & Essential Oils”
Kathy Bengtson
Healthy Life

3:00 “C”
“Medium with a Message”
Psychic Medium
Joshua-John DeLorenzo


Sunday October 8, 2017

Class Room “A”

Class Room “B”

Class Room “C”

11:00 “A”
“Anti-Aging From the Inside Out”
Mandi Schwendiman
Albany Acupuncture Clinic

11:00 “B
“Channeled Messages for Evolution – Group Channeling”
Adria Wind Horse Estribou
Wing Sound


11:00 “C”
“Magic Rocks – Use Crystals to Enhance Visualization & Meditation”
Natalie Aguilar
Moonwise Mystic


12:00 “A”
“Living and Creating from the Heart”
Cherry Divine
Intuitive Empath Channeler

12:00 “B”
“Working with the Stars of Creation – Color and Geometry for the Awakening Process”
Brian Porter
Soul Time

12:00 “C”
“Taking Charge of Your Care – Getting the Birth Experience You Want”
Elizabeth Baer, COM LDM
Midvalley Birthing Center

1:00 “A”
“The Moon & the 4 Elements: An Astrological Demonstration”
Carol Montoya
Offerings by One Apache

1:00 “B”
“Unlocking the Healing Power of Your Body – Answers to Unsolved Health Issues”
Nancy Lach, DC
Nutritional Healing Center

1:00 “C”
“Intro To Shamanism – Meeting Your Animal Guide”
Catt Foy
Spirit Garden & Psycards USA


2:00 “A”
“My Compass/Our Story – A Journey through Death and Life”
Mike Russell
T. Michael Healing Arts

2:00 “B”
“Bo Yoga for Energy, Balance & Mindfulness”
Nate Guadagni
Bo Yoga

2:00 “C”
“Health in the Fifth Dimension- Is your body trying to get your attention?”
Janet Doerr
The Intuitive Nutritionista

3:00 “A”
“Experiencing Hakomi Therapy: Exercises in Mindfulness”
Margot Vance-Borland, LPC, LLC
Seichim Center

3:00 “B”
“Integrative Aroma-Reflexology: Ancient Touch Therapy for the Modern World”
Casey Perry
A Touch of Class Day Spa


3:00 “C”
“Cultivating Powerful Presence: Protecting People and Planet”
Keely Meagan
Dare to Rise Up

Longer Descriptions of Featured Talks

Saturday October 7th at 1:00pm in classroom “C”

“Forgive, Accept & Heal the Inner Male & Female: A Guided Chakra Awakening & Balancing” with Cathy Morton

Like many ancient teachings, quantum physics shows us that our inner struggles are reflected in the outer world.  The sharp separation and imbalance between the male and female aspects of each of us ripples out through our lives and across the planet, often making quite a mess of things! But when we embrace our shadow side with the love it so deeply desires, our lives and the world become much friendlier places.

Utilizing the mediums of color and sound, Cathy will guide you on an inner journey exploring the nature of your embodiment: light and shadow, male and female, connection to Earth and connection to Source. This exploration will allow healing of your unique separation.

Cathy Morton
Phone: 541-631-8255

Sunday October 8th at 2:00pm in classroom “A”

“My Compass/Our Story – A Journey through Death and Life” with Mike Russell

Imagine not only demanding input from your recently deceased wife, but getting a response. This is the experience that led Mike Russell out of the complicated and harsh world of bereavement and into the process of discovering life again. Through the telling of this true story, he finds that there is life after death for himself, and he also finds the spiritual connections to a world unseen as he connects the dots placed in front of him.

Mike will give attendees who have lost someone to death a chance to reflect on their own stories while giving hope that there is indeed a way out of the darkness that humans have created around the subject of death and grief. His writings in “My Compass, Our Story” emerge from the deepest crevices created when death occurs and wonderfully unfold into life with the help of a deep and eternal love.

Follow along with Mike’s journey from the uncompromising yet truthful demand he made of his wife after her death, through his path to save himself. The journey is accomplished with the help of inspired input from sources outside of his normal thought process, along with the help of an Archangel and poetry inspired from his deceased wife, and personal messages that cover a two-year period of reflection. Grief is never an easy path to take, but this book will hopefully give grieving readers comfort as they move through the fog of uncertainty and into their own light through these heartfelt messages of love, forgiveness, pain, and humor.

You can find his books at: directly online at TMichaelHealingArts.com, Crystal Heart Bookstore in Beaverton, Barnesandnoble.com, Amazon.com, Kindle.com, Smashwords.com and Appleibooks, Kobo, Gardners and Nook Book.

Sunday October 8th at 3:00pm in classroom “C”

“Cultivating Powerful Presence: Protecting People and Planet” with Keely Meagan

It feels great to stand up for yourself, for your loved ones, and for Life. We are all capable of this, and throughout our lives, we face many opportunities to take a stand. Unfortunately, most of us lack the training to do this effectively.

Even so, simple skills can help you hold your ground, stay safe and express yourself more powerfully. Part storytelling, part meditation and exercise to connect you with your power, this presentation will gift you with practical new tools and a new story of what’s possible on this planet.

Keely Meagan is a community trauma educator who helps people deepen their resilience, calm trauma and discover their power. Deeply concerned about the direction of our planet, Keely’s work grows out of her own challenging circumstances and her discoveries regarding individual and collective power.  Using the same straightforward somatic practices and energy exercises, Keely leads longer workshops that include transformative role plays of life-threatening circumstances to help participants understand the depth of their power.

Keely Meagan
Phone: 505-652-6007