Spring 2018 List of Presenters
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April 21, 2018

Class Room “A”

Class Room “B”

Class Room “C”


“Empowering Yourself Series: Heartspace”

Psychic Medium
AurorA of Inner Vision and
Luis Navarrete-Energy Healer


“Sound Therapy 101”

Valerie Lukini
of The Holistic Mystic


“The Book of Wisdom: Self Mastery of your Life Archetype, Challenges & Resources”

Susan Schwendiman
of My Myth


“BoYoga for Better Balance”

Nate Guadagni
of BoYoga


“Giving Ourselves Permission For New Dance Steps”

Marilyn Lawrence
Spiritual Coach


“Hakomi Mindfulness Therapy: Finding the Answers Within”

Margot Vance-Borland
of the Seichim Center


“Medium with A Message”

Evidential Psychic Medium
Joshua John


“Collaborating with Your Own Life – Cancer to Cured in 110 Days”

Dale Lawrence
of My Beliefs My Life


“Connecting with Your Drum”

David Burling
of Dragon Reiki Drums


“What our Higher Selves Want Us to Know at this Time. Q & A”

Maureen Frank
The Mandala Lady


“Psychic Mediumship & Traditional Chinese Medicine”

Psychic Medium Cheri



Linda Bardell
of A Touch of Class Vintage Day Spa


“You’re Not Crazy – You’re
Just Psychic”

Psychic Sharon Sampsel


“What the Hemp? CBD Information and History”

Norman Baldwin
of Crystal Heart Books


“Understanding Your Dreams”

David Rivinus
of Teacher of Dreams

April 22, 2018

Class Room “A”

Class Room “B”

Class Room “C”


“Embodiment – A Path to Great Freedom & Enlightenment”

Cathy Morton
of Aurora West Productions


“How to Overcome Barriers to Healing”

Nancy Lach
of The Nutritional Healing Center


“Subtle Energy & You: Healing Through Intention”

Vy Le


“Sound Healing” How does sound heal you?

James “Chaz” Chavez
of Sounds Crystals Vibrations


“Making an Animal Communicator”

Psychic Medium Thea Strøm
& Animal Communicator


“Health In the Fifth Dimension”

Janet Doerr
of The Intuitive Nutritionista


“Removing the Labels”

Conscious Channel Cherry Divine


“Working with the Stars of Creation for Healing & Awakening”

Brian Porter
of Soul Time


“Using Essential Oils in Your Daily Life”

Amanda Primising
Distributor of Young Living Oils


“Benefits of Herbs”

Kathleen Shepard
of Avani Herbals


“Starseeds & Soul Groups – Understanding your soul Origins”

Evidential Psychic
Medium Jennifer Diallo


“Self Love – Balancing Your Life”

Danny Picard


“Healthy Eating with Good Nutrition & Essential Oils”

Kathy Bengtson
of The Healthy Life


“Simple Tools to Survive & Thrive in These Times”

Intuitive Michelle O’Shea
of Connect to Joy


“Crystal Healing Methods”

Author Brenn Michaels Simonen
of SacredRX.com 

Longer Descriptions of Featured Talks


Saturday April 21, 2018 at 12pm Classroom B
Marilyn Lawrence, Author, Speaker & Life Coach

Giving Ourselves Permission For New Dance Steps”
Struggling to move forward, verify your path, and be happy? Are you doing a different dance with the same dance steps, expecting change? Join, Marilyn as she teaches techniques to release the things that are blocking us, things that we didn’t even know we were holding on to, and to learn how to give ourselves permission to move forward. This is a powerful workshop that helps shed light on the frustrations that arise from efforts that lead to unfilled dreams.

Marilyn Lawrence, is the author of, On An Angel’s Wing: Real-Life Angelic Encounters and Divine Lessons, From Pink to Blue and Back Again: Finding Our Purpose In A Distracting World, A Donavan Memory, I Gave The Sun A Bath: An Environmentally Conscious Motivational Book For Children, The Balloon That Saw The World. (Let go of the weight that is holding you back. The World Is Waiting!) and 28 Day Sculpting Challenge: Utilizing Energy Magnetism to Sculpt the Life You Want to Live– plus, more in the works. Embracing her path with gusto and passion, via her books, workshops, coaching, and seminars, Marilyn teaches adults and children alike to recognize their purpose-driven qualities, so they too can make the difference they were born to make in this life. And, so they can achieve full-life satisfaction.

Marilyn was twice recognized by Focus On Women Magazine, was presented the Carol Flynn Quill Award at the Women of Impact Gala held at Johns Hopkins University. She has been a guest on several radio shows, has been quoted in blogs and on websites, has been the featured speaker at various events, and has been featured in newspaper articles and magazines.

She enjoys an active schedule of writing, speaking, book signings, private coaching sessions, and teaching.


Saturday April 21, 2018 at 1pm Classroom B
Dale Lawerence, Motivational Speaker

“Collaborating With Your Own Life…Cancer to ​C​ured in 110 ​D​ays​.”​
This is a rare opportunity to plunge into your self… into your in beliefs… into your own living well life. Join Dale as he takes you on a learning journey of living life on your own terms, out-loud and on purpose. Learn personal wellness collaboration and personal joy discovery.  

Forty-five years ago, Dale was diagnosed with terminal Systemic Lupus. Since then, he has powered through numerous heart attacks, a kidney transplant, emergency open heart surgery in 2014, terminal cancer diagnosis in 2016, crushed vertebra and spinal illness in 2017 and other distractions

Dale Lawrence is a gifted and accomplished communicator, and coach who assists’ individuals with clarity, obstacle resolution, and releasing of old and anti-purpose-driven patterns or behaviors. Through healing words and actions, he facilitates the discovery of needed and the unneeded patterns to be realized, embraced and categorized. Whether that is embracing strengths or releasing restrictive programming, beliefs or understanding our emotional reactive behaviors. “Dale’s seminars won’t leave you wondering. They are all packed with an ample amount common truths, personal application methodology, tools, humor, and “A-ha” realizations.

Diagnosed with terminal Systemic Lupus, in 1975 and surviving heart attacks, transplants, cancer, and many, many challenges throughout his life, Dale has followed a belief and career path with one driving focus- “Be” and Be Consciously Awake.

His deep spiritual belief is that no matter our differences or where we seek or look, each of us at some level has an intense desire to know ourselves better…to know who we are…to know why we are…to know how we get beyond restrictions and embrace a purpose and passion-filled life. In his messages Dale says and teaches, “The answers are indeed within reach and within each of us…the key is in the process of awakening the sleeper within.”


Sunday April 22, 2018 at 11am in Classroom C
Vy Thuy Le, Medical Intuitive, Medium & Reiki Master

“Subtle energy and you: Healing Through Intention”
What we think makes us Who we are, and What we are. Whether our bodies hurt from chronic pain, are injured from an accident, or we feel stagnant and stuck, there is a way to improve those conditions! It all starts with energy. Energy is everywhere and it is us. Our thoughts and our intentions have a direct effect on our energy and our natural vibration. Come experience the effects of positive affirmations for the Chakras and heal yourself through direct Loving-Intention.

Vy Thuy Le is a medical intuitive and medium who works with energy fields related to the physical, emotional, and psychological bodies, specific to the individual’s need for healing, and is a certified Reiki Master and Access Consciousness practitioner. She can help bring to light old, or even past life traumas or focus on relieving an immediate physical pain or ailment. She is the creator and owner of VYTL Living Center, a wellness center, whose mission is to promote life-balance through healing & personal growth. The center offers Reiki classes and sessions in addition to providing an array of programs and classes that foster mindfulness, creativity, and self-healing.

For personal/spiritual reasons Vy will no longer be asking for a fee for her healing services (Reiki/Medical Intuition/Mediumship) and will be seeing clients at the Rasani Fair by donation. Her hope/dream is that someday VYTL Living Center will accommodate ‘walk-ins’ and have more practitioners available in an effort to serve a larger segment of our community and at no charge. The center will provide a quiet space to rest, relax and recuperate – to heal. Money that she earns from her classes, events and donations will go towards creating a space that will fit that purpose.


Sunday April 22, 2018 at 11am in Classroom B
Nancy Lach, DC – Chiropractic Physician, Advanced Clinician of Nutrition Response Testing – Nutritional Healing Center – Corvallis, OR

“How to Overcome Barriers to Healing”

Find out how to take control of your health issues by understanding the common barriers that prevent the body from responding or healing.  The underlying cause of many common, debilitating conditions will be explored.  Real solutions that address the “why” behind illnesses will leave you empowered with knowledge and hope in your body’s ability to heal itself given the right foods and whole food supplements.  Join us for a lively discussion on how to regain health and achieve optimum wellness.


Sunday April 22, 2018 at 12pm in Classroom B
Thea Strøm, Psychic Medium & Animal Communicator

“Making an Animal Communicator”
Animal Communication is the art of connecting spirit-to-spirit with animals, both living and passed, and being their translator. This is something everyone is born with the ability to do, it’s just that most haven’t learned how to utilize it. Come learn more about how it all works, what animal communicators do during a session, and how you can begin to connect better with your own animal companions.

Thea Strøm is a certified psychic medium, and animal communicator. In addition to giving readings and healings, she has several years of experience teaching and mentoring people in developing their own abilities. She is passionate about bringing out the psychic, medium, or animal communicator in everyone, in a grounded and practical way.

Ever since she was little, Thea has been sensitive to the energy of others, beyond just the physical. While she was always deeply interested in the spiritual and metaphysical, she didn’t understand the effect her energy-sensitivity had on her until her late teens, when severe symptoms began to surface as a result of not dealing with her abilities properly. On her own path to fully healing, Thea’s innate psychic gifts blossomed and she began to receive visits from random spirits. These experiences, while frightening at the time, prompted her to learn everything she could about using her abilities to help others. Thus, she was propelled forward on her path as a psychic, medium, and animal communicator, a path that now fills her with immense joy. One of her passions is to teach others how to develop their own abilities, connecting them to the energy all around us.


Sunday April 22, 2018 at 12pm in Classroom B
James ‘Chaz’ Chavez, Sound Healer

“Sound healing” How does Sound heal you??
Open up your heart, mind, and ears!! Chaz will be doing a short talk to explain how sound affects the mind, body, and soul and how it can be used to help re-harmonize and balance us. He will be going over the three fundamentals of sound healing which are Cymatics, Brainwave Entrainment, and Intention. Chaz will also be discussing how to use a singing bowls, tuning forks, and music therapy to help work with symptoms in the human body, the emotional body, & our spiritual growth.

James “Chaz” Chavez is a Certified Sound Therapist & Third Degree Reiki Master. He rediscovered sacred music in 2012 while participating in indigenous ceremonies in Palenque, Mexico (an ancient Mayan city). As He learned more about sacred sounds Chaz decided to study sound and vibrational therapy.  He learned the techniques of Vibrational Sound Table Therapy at Globe Institute in San Francisco.