The Spring Expo Speaker Lineup

for April 15 & 16, 2023

Saturday April 15, 2023

Class Room “A”

Marla Santino
“Communicating with Your Pets- Yes You Can!“
Booth 88

Sandra Jeffs
Learning to Work with Your Own Energy Field
Booth 68

Patti Downing
“Infusing Tone, Vibration & Frequency into Orgonite Art”
Booth 93

Robert Zakian
“Letting Go”
Booth 31

Carla Allen
“Being an Intuitive –
Tools to the Trade”

Booth 29

Class Room “B”

John Thompson
“Quantum Energy Secrets For a Longer, Healthier Life”
Booth 70

12:00 – 1:40pm
Marilyn & Dale Lawrence
“Awakening and Recharging Your Intuitive Abilities”
Booths 62/63

Kyle Mays
“Holistic Iridology – The Great Remembering Begins in the Eyes”
Booth 79/80

Galactic Ashley
““Channeled Transmissions /DNA Activations to Remember Your Cosmic Purpose” “
Booth 50

Sunday April 16, 2023

Class Room “A”

Cathy Morton
“The Wisdom & Healing Powers of Crystals”
Booth 6

Nicole Person
“Introduction to Working with Energy”
Booth 10

Marla Santino
“Animal Communication: Health and Healing “
Booth 88

Erik Roth
“The Dance and Drama of
Venus & Mars”
Booth 14

Bevin Clapper
“Light Your Fire with Candle Magic”
Booth 76

Class Room “B”

Natalie Aguilar
“Aura Portraits, Tapping Your Wisdom Within”
Booth 92

DeBorah Beatty
“Colorosity: Living Your Personal Rainbow”
Booth 94

Nick Salzman
“Crossing over Earthbound Spirits with a Pendulum”
Booth 13

Bridget Peeples
“Gallery Reading”
Booth 27

Special Guest: Travel Channel’s Sarah Lemos
“Psychic Medium Q & A”

RaSani Fair
Featured Speakers

Saturday 11am in Class Room A

Join Marla Santino for:

Communicating with Your Pets – Yes You Can!”

Marla has always had a strong connection with Spirit.  Even as a young child she would talk about “ghosts” that presented themselves in her childhood home.  Through her adult years, she worked to better understand how this gift can help serve a higher good.  It is with this intention that she works with clients to help improve their health and connection with spirit and animals.

Some of Marla’s spirit animals include dogs and horses.  She believes we should all strive to be the best person our spirit animal would want us to be.  It is for this purpose that she has expanded her studies into Reflexology, Reiki, Communication/Mediumship and Animal Massage.

Find Marla Santino at Booth 88

Saturday 11am in Class Room B

Join John Thompson for:

Quantum Energy Secrets For a Longer, Healthier Life”

John Thompson’s exploration of energy and health began in 1976 with the first of 17 trips to the magical, mystical land of India. That same year he began practicing reflexology, Touch For Health and Breath of Fire. In this entertaining and highly participatory workshop, you will learn many important keys for maintaining your youth and vitality, including:

*Using foot and hand reflexology to energetically release bodily ailments and afflictions

*How to utilize a powerful mantra breathing practice known as Pranayama to control your breath and your life

*The amazing energy system called Touch For Health, including throwing “energy balls” that can empower or disempower people or animals from a good distance away

*The history and amazing potential of Orgone energy in completely protecting yourself from the negative effects of EMFs, including cell phones, computers, electrical stations, “smart” meters, cell towers, ect.

*The ancient history of Kombucha Mushroom Tea and its life-changing health benefits

*How to practice the 5 rites from The Fountain of Youth in maintaining eternal youth

*Using Kinesiology in your daily life

*The value that can come from using your pendulum every day

*The crucial importance of the pineal gland and its role in your spiritual life

* The importance of consuming coconut oil to preserve your brain

During the past 40 years, John has studied with many highly evolved energy masters, including Sathya Sai Baba, Ravi Shankar, Amachi, Ramtha, Karunamai, and Nithyananda. The workshop will include healing wisdom from these enlightened beings

Find John Thompson in Booth 70

Saturday 12pm in Class Room A

Join Sandra Jeffs for:

“Learning to Work with Your Own Energy Field”

Sandra Jeffs will be presenting an interactive session to learn about your energy field (sometimes referred to as the Aura) and how to learn to increase your energy, on the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels. This will be done by teaching how to bring awareness to your energy field using movement, music, breath, and other techniques It is a brief intro session due to the limited time provided, and it will still give one a starting point and tools for working with your energy field and making increased manifestation, balance, and harmony possible for you. Come and play with her!

Sandra Jeffs has learned and been practicing many modalities over a span of 40+ years, e.g., Reiki, Theta Healing, Sound Healing, Feng Shui, Spiritual Gemstone Properties-making Jewelry, Laughter Yoga, SOMA Breath-Work Instruction, etc. She is Clairsentient, which is “the psychic
ability for a person to acquire knowledge by means of feeling.” She brings all of her life experiences and talents to her work and aims to create a Holistic experience for clients. All things in life are comprised of energy, and all the modalities she practices are energy work. She embodies the “Medicine Woman’s Prayer:” I will not rescue you, for you are not powerless. I will not fix you, for you are unbroken. I will not heal you, for I see you in your wholeness. I WILL walk with you through the darkness as you remember your Light.”

Find Sandra Jeffs in Booth 68

Saturday 12pm – 1:40pm in Class Room B

Join Marilyn & Dale Lawrence for:

“Awakening and Recharging Your Intuitive Abilities” 

Marilyn and Dale Lawrence have traveled the world visiting spiritual sites, healing lands and people, and advancing their abilities and skills, which they now happily share in their books, seminars, retreats, classes, and coaching.

In this informative seminar, you will learn the following:

~  How to Identify your Intuitive Abilities

~  Techniques to Recharge your Intuition

~  Discovering Blocks, Why Blocks Happen, and Techniques to Clear Them

~ Tools for Clearing and Protecting Your Self and Your Environment

~  Activating, Practicing, and “Working-out” your Innate Intuitive Abilities and Clairs 

Coupling Marilyn’s Angelic personality and Dale’s humorous delivery has proven to set the stage for audiences to receive information that will not only accentuate their lives but accelerate them too. If you have joined them at one of their events, you will understand that you don’t always know what to expect. It is not unusual to have messages come in for seminar attendees and even visits from loved ones who have “graduated.” 

Marilyn Lawrence is an Intuitive Coach, Speaker, and Author of seven books, and her new release, “I Am My Own Creation, “oracle cards, with more projects in the works. Embracing her path with gusto and passion via her books, cards, retreats, seminars, and coaching, Marilyn teaches adults and children alike to mindfully recognize their purpose-driven qualities so they, too, can make the difference they were born to make in this life to achieve full-life satisfaction. She also shares varied techniques that aid in the release of trapped emotions from life’s experiences that left wounds. Releasing the things that dull our light, have taken us off our path, and have left us in a place of confusion helps us not only see ourselves again but also lets us feel the lust for the life we desire. 

  Marilyn was presented with the Carol Flynn Quill Award at the Women of Impact Gala held at Johns Hopkins University. She has been a guest on several radio shows, has been quoted in blogs and websites, has been the featured speaker at various events, and has been featured in newspaper articles and magazines. She enjoys an active schedule of coaching, writing, speaking, book signings, and teaching. 

Dale Lawrence is a Gifted and Accomplished Communicator, Coach, and Developer of many Educational Platforms. He assists individuals with clarity, obstacle resolution, and releasing of old and anti-purpose-driven patterns or behaviors. He facilitates the discovery of needed and unneeded patterns to be realized, embraced, and categorized through healing words and actions, whether embracing strengths, releasing restrictive programming, and beliefs, or understanding our emotionally reactive behaviors. “Dale’s seminars won’t leave you wondering. They are packed with ample common truths, personal application methodology, tools, humor, and “A-ha” realizations.

  Diagnosed with terminal Systemic Lupus in 1975 and surviving heart attacks, a transplant, cancer, and many challenges throughout his life, Dale has followed a belief and career path with one driving focus- “Be’ and be consciously awake.” 

His deep spiritual belief is that no matter our differences or where we seek or look, each of us at some level has an intense desire to know ourselves better…to know who we are…to know why we are…to know how we get beyond restrictions and embrace a purpose and passion-filled life. In his messages, Dale says and teaches, “The answers are indeed within reach and within each of us…the key is in the process of awakening the sleeper within.”

“A New Year With An Unlimited Mindset Can Make Dreams Come True! Don’t hold yourself back; live your life your way!”

Marilyn Lawrence- MarilynLawrence.com
Just Breathe Retreats- Justbreatheretreats.com
28 Day Sculpting Challenge- 28daysculptingchallenge.com
Find Marilyn & Dale Lawrence at Booths 62/63

Saturday 1pm in Class Room A

Join Patti Downing for:

“Infusing Sound, Vibration and Frequency into Orgonite Art”

She is currently placing her focus on combining the sound healing arts with the creation of her beautifully crafted orgonite art pieces to create exceptional and unique one of a kind tools. With her knowledge of gemstones and their healing properties, along with the understanding of the powerful energy produced during sound therapy, she has learned to combine the two modalities together to make beautiful art pieces that offer many benefits.

Her talk will demonstrate the basic science behind sound, vibration and frequency, and how this process brings the body back to order and how it also enhances the intentions placed in each of her original orgonite pieces.

Find Patti Downing in Booth 93

Saturday 2pm in Class Room A

Join Robert Zakian for:

“Emotional Healing”

You are love; you are spirit. Robert will show you how to embrace this truth by safely releasing patterns and habits keeping you from your true self. As you welcome this new persona, you will know happiness and wisdom.

Robert has provided  workshops and intuitive readings since 2001.  He combines the spiritual teachings of India and the psychology of western thought.  Come for an uplifting and spiritual journey.

Find Robert Zakian in Booth 31

Saturday 2pm in Class Room B

Join Kyle Mays for:

“Holistic Iridology – The Great Remembering Begins in the Eyes” – How the eyes reveal where we were, where we are, and where we are going.

Kyle Mays is a Holistic Iridologist.

Iridology is a 3,000 year old art and science. The Iris, Sclera, and Pupil of the eye show the veil the soul has created, through consciousness (or forgetfulness), that reflects the illusion which prepares the soul for attaining the reality of full enlightenment. The eyes are the “windows of the soul” and can reveal our physical, emotional, and mental characteristics. Kyle helps interpret those characteristics to help you evolve and heal.

Kyle first became familiar with holistic healing and Iridology over 20 years ago during a visit with Ruben Schwartz, an Amish man in the backwoods of Kentucky. Kyle learned many things about Iridology, herbs, food as medicine, and other natural healing practices from Ruben.

In 2014 Kyle attended the world’s leading education on Holistic Iridology® at the International Institute of Iridology® led by David J. Pesek Ph.D. who is heralded as the “New Pioneer in Iridology” and one of the “world’s preeminent Iridologist” by leading health organizations.

Kyle also extends other holistic healing practices with Men’s Coaching, Sobriety Mentoring, Reiki, and Meditation by guiding you inward to transform your life through his own spiritual healing experiences.

Kyle believes the true nature of healing begins on the spiritual level first, then into the mental and emotional levels, and finally into the physical body.

Find Kyle Mays in Booth 79/80

Saturday 3pm in Class Room A

Join Carla Allen for:

“Being an Intuitive – Tools to the Trade”

Carla Allen is a native Hawaiian, raised on the island of Oahu. She knew at an early age that she had a special connection with Spirit and Mother Earth. She could feel and hear things that others couldn’t. When this happened, she would share the information with others who she was told to share it with and it helped them to gain personal resolution and completion of things that they may have struggled with or had difficulty in letting go.

In this presentation Carla will talk about what it means to be intuitive and how you can identify if you are an intuitive. She will be taking audience questions and will show you ways to tap in to your intuition and help you trust your own instincts.

Find Carla Allen in Booth 29

Saturday 3pm in Class Room B

Join Galactic Ashley for:

Channeled Transmissions + DNA Activations to Remember your Cosmic Purpose

Galactic Ashley channels Divine Guidance for Starseeds connecting them to their Star Families and Galactic Lineages. She uses light language frequencies and works with your Cosmic Connections to facilitate high-frequency healing transmissions and encoded activations.

This channeled talk helps those passionate about embodying your Cosmic Purpose which allows for your true history to be recovered making the paradigm shift to living as Galactic beings, in the here and now. Remember how to engage and integrate Solar / Galactic Frequencies into aspects of your daily living, metaphysical, and healing practices; So that you can more easily align with unconditional love, organic energy, enter and hold highly coherent and resourceful states of being.

Find Galactic Ashley at Booth 50

Sunday 11am in Class Room A

Join Cathy Morton for:

“The Wisdom & Healing Powers of Crystals – Earth Energy Keepers”

Experience hands on clearing and activation while raising your frequency as well as your crystal friends. Learn to clear, program and protect, your home and work space

Cathy Morton was a resident of Alaska currently residing in Ashland Oregon.  Founder of Crystal Color Reiki training initiations and healing workshops.

Cathy spent the last twenty-two-year mentoring with Crystal Master James Hugh. Her home and land are inundated with thousands of lbs. of huge, activated quartz crystals. These magnificent earth keepers have assisted the awakening of Cathy’s inner knowing and authority, granted by the “Beautiful Many” the time is NOW to share long hidden ancient wisdom regarding the crystalline kingdom.

Create altars and energy grids to assist in your highest good and the highest good for all! Bring your special crystal friends, a clean sacred cloth and your open heart. Cathy will have legions of crystal tools and surprises to share.

Find Cathy Morton in Booth 6

Sunday 11am in Class Room B

Join Natalie Kahn Aguilar for:

“Aura Portraits, Tapping Your Wisdom Within”

Natalie will provide a hands-on experience that is the first step to accessing, then interpreting, inner wisdom and spiritual guidance directly from the auric field.

This is done by using the subconscious mind to translate the information from one’s spirit guides into a powerful, visual, language of colors, shapes, and symbols.  The pictures created in this exercise are very subjective. The significance of the picture as a whole is examined through questions and self -dialogue.

Find Natalie Kahn Aguilar in Booth 92

Sunday 12pm in Class Room B

Join DeBorah Beatty for:

“Colorisity: Living your Personal Rainbow”

Are you in a BLUE funk or is life just PEACHY? Been feeling a little GREEN around the gills lately? Or are you feeling mellow YELLOW or in the PINK?

Wherever you are on your personal rainbow, come and find out what color you REALLY are. We all have a personal rainbow – color rays that affect who we are and how we act. Color affects everything we do. It’s everywhere. When you know your personal rainbow, those rays that you connect most deeply with, you can create a Personal Power Palette and use them to optimize everything you do.

DeBorah Beatty is the Badass Color Mystic. Colorisity is her own system, created out of a lifetime of experiencing people as colors. She also offers color natal charts, oracle card readings and healings.

Find DeBorah Beatty in Booth 94

Sunday 1pm in Class Room B

Join Nick Salzman for:

“Crossing over Earthbound Spirits with a Pendulum”

Nick Salzman brings to light the inner workings of the human spirit and consciousness. Utilizing a Pendulum as a tool to assist, he has developed a unique approach in the world of Pendulum Healing. 

In his 45 minute talk he will go over the topics of, enhancing intuition, developing dormant abilities, how to identify and clear Earthbound Entities, and how to send healing energy with a breathing technique he calls the Ha.

 Nick has developed his own line of custom Pendulums and is well known in the Dowsing Community from being a speaker for Dowsing conferences in the USA such as the ASD Convention, West Coast Dowsers Convention, and the Flagstaff Dowsers Conference.

Aside from having a unique approach to energy healing, Nick really knows how to engage with the audience and is happy to answer questions of all types. 

To learn more about Nick and his special Pendulums check out his website and be sure to like and follow his social media accounts. Facebook and Instagram: Pendulum Apometrics and Youtube: Nick Salzman.

Find Nick Salzman at Booth 13

Sunday 2pm in Class Room A

Join Erik Roth for:

“The Dance and Drama of Venus and Mars”

Venus and Mars will gather together in the evening sky in June and July in the sign of Leo, including the transformational metamorphosis of Venus in August.  They represent the masculine and feminine principles as archetypes.  Everyone has a masculine and feminine side and what is represented in a plethora of shades of gender expressions.  In ancient times, they inspired myth and stories and had an enormous impact in human societies including many modern-day stories. 

In this gathering of the two nearest planets, what will be the impact in our personal lives and collectively?  Join Erik for a dive into the receptional energy of Venus and the actional force of Mars and what it means for us.

Find Erik Roth in Booth 14

Sunday 2pm in Class Room B

Join Bridget Peeples for:

“Gallery Reading”

Bridget is a natural psychic medium located in beautiful Salem, Oregon. Join her for a group gallery reading for the audience. It is Bridget’s goal to bring through clear and precise messages to help you gain clarity and healing to assist you in moving forward on your current life path.

Find Bridget Peeples in Booth 27

Sunday 3pm in Class Room B

Join Sara Lemos for:

“Q & A with Travel Channel’s Psychic Medium Sarah Lemos”

Special Guest Star!!! Travel Channel’s Psychic Medium Sarah Lemos .. Sarah will be doing a live Q & A answering questions about being a psychic medium…

Have you ever wondered what was your gift? Join her for questions and answers…

“Sarah Newton Lemos has always known she was a little different- as far back as 5 years old she has had the rare ability to both see and speak with dead people, and even a few departed pets. Born and raised in-and-around Salem, this proud small-town Oregonian wants to help others find peace with the way they view death and dying. Her other passion is to empower people to “be who they were born to be and believe that even if you were born in a small town you can still do big things”.

In light of this perspective, Sarah utilizes her unique skills and experience in teaching classes and providing online assistance to help adults and children of all ages to become more comfortable with their budding psychic abilities and/or to live a more healthy and holistic lifestyle. She has been a headliner of “The Ghost Hunters Cruise” since its inception. Where one can travel to exotic and haunted locales via major cruise lines and investigate some of the world’s most haunted locations with seasoned professional paranormal investigators.

The crown achievement Sarah is most proud of, is the work she has completed on a few of Travel Channel’s spooky television programs. As co-host of “Ghosts of Morgan City”, Sarah and the team helped local residents get to the bottom of their often terrifying paranormal experiences, some that have their plagued families for generations. Not only was the team able to bring peace and closure to these families, but they also captured one of the most compelling examples of a full-bodied apparition ever caught on video. It is this body of work and her strong reputation that had creators call her in to consult on a few episodes of “Portals to Hell”; and the 2020 Halloween Special “The Osbournes: Night of Terror”, where she was able to help the youngest Osbourne with her own burgeoning psychic abilities.

Sarah Lemos is an internationally recognized Psychic Medium, Paranormal Investigator, and Metaphysical Educator. Her classes are taught on 3 continents and her messages from departed loved ones have brought peace to the grieving the world over.” ~ Facebook.com/mediumsarahlemos


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