Saturday April 2, 2022 & Sunday April 3, 2022

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Apr 2, 2022

Class Room “A”

Class Room “B”


Anneleah Jaxen
“What is Shamanism an
How Can it Help”
Booth #24

Zia Hernandez
“Herbs as Allies for
a Healthier You”
Booth #39

12:00 – 1:40pm
Marilyn & Dale Lawrence
“Tools for the 20’s – Learning to
Navigate in Our New Energy Era”

Jody Beckwith
“Honoring your Feminine
Power through Dance”
Booth #27

Workshop continues
“Tools for the 20’s – Learning to
Navigate in Our New Energy Era”
Booths #57/58

Marla Santino
Animal Communication”
Booth #81



Dr. Robert Lund
“9 Ways to Insure Strength &
Vitality to 99 Years of Age!”

Booth #49


Apr 3, 2022

Class Room “A”

Class Room “B”


Colleen Fletcher
“W.H.O.L.E. Living –
The Power of Self”
Booth #38

Nicole Person
“Healer’s Power Tools for Stressful
Times & Challenging People”
Booth #10

Erik Roth
“Your Authentic Self – Using Shamanic
Astrology as Guidance”

Booth #12

Beth Charles
“Angelic Reiki”
Booth #67

Mezdulene Reed
“Presence Passion Purpose Power”
Booth #53







RaSani Fair
Featured Speakers

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Saturday 12pm – 1:40pm in Class Room B

Join Marilyn & Dale Lawrence for:

“Learning To Navigate In Our New Energy Era”

Very few people haven’t noticed the shifting energy as the year 2019 ended and 2020 began and with this end and beginning brought something even bigger, an end to an energy era. An era that we were familiar with and had lived and worked in for many years. Some energetic shifts seem more difficult than others as energy eras end and begin, and this 2020 transition is one of the largest that we have encountered.

Join Marilyn and Dale Lawrence as they share proven “Tools For The 20’s” that will aid in navigating this transition most successfully, all delivered with pure intention and a salting of humor.

If you have ever joined Marilyn and Dale for one of their seminars, you will understand that you don’t always know what to expect.  It is not unusual to have Angel messages “come in” for attendees and even visits from loved ones that have crossed over occasionally.

This is a seminar that you will not want to miss!
They look forward to seeing you!

Marilyn Lawrence is an Intuitive Coach, Speaker, and Author of six published books, with more in the works. Embracing her path with gusto and passion, via her books, cards, seminars, and coaching, Marilyn teaches adults and children alike to mindfully recognize their purpose-driven qualities, so they too can make the difference they were born to make in this life to achieve full-life satisfaction. She also shares varied techniques that aid in the release of trapped emotions from life’s experiences which left wounds. Releasing the things that dull our light, have taken us off our path, and that has left us in a place of confusion helps us not only see ourselves again, but it lets us feel the lust for life that we so desire.

Marilyn was presented with the Carol Flynn Quill Award at the Women of Impact Gala held at Johns Hopkins University. She has been a guest on several radio shows, has been quoted in blogs and websites, has been the featured speaker at various events, and has been featured in newspaper articles and magazines. She enjoys an active schedule of coaching, writing, speaking, book signings, and teaching.

Marilyn’s current books- From Pink to Blue, An Enlightening Concept to Awaken the ‘Truth Of Being’ That Every Person Was Born To Pursue;  On An Angel’s Wing, Real-Life Angelic Encounters and Divine Lessons; A Donavan Memory; I Gave The Sun A Bath, An Environmentally Conscious Motivational Book For Children; The Balloon That Saw The World, Let go of the weight that is holding you back. The World is Waiting!” and 28 Day Sculpting Challenge, Utilizing Energy Magnetism to Sculpt the Life You Want to Live.”

Dale Lawrence is a Gifted and Accomplished Communicator, Coach, and Developer of many Educational Platforms. He assists individuals with clarity, obstacle resolution, and releasing of old and anti-purpose-driven patterns or behaviors. Through healing words and actions, he facilitates the discovery of needed and unneeded patterns to be realized, embraced, and categorized. Whether that is embracing strengths or releasing restrictive programming, beliefs or understanding our emotional reactive behaviors. “Dale’s seminars won’t leave you wondering. They are all packed with an ample amount of common truths, personal application methodology, tools, humor, and “A-ha” realizations.

Diagnosed with terminal Systemic Lupus, in 1975 and surviving heart attacks, a transplant, cancer, and many, many challenges throughout his life, Dale has followed a belief and career path with one driving focus- “Be’ and be consciously awake.”

His deep spiritual belief is that no matter our differences or where we seek or look, each of us at some level has an intense desire to know ourselves better…to know who we are…to know why we are…to know how we get beyond restrictions and embrace a purpose and passion-filled life. In his messages, Dale says and teaches, “The answers are indeed within reach and within each of us…the key is in the process of awakening the sleeper within.”

Find Dale & Marilyn Lawrence in Booth 57-58


Saturday 3pm in Class Room B

Join Dr. Robert Lund aka Doc Bob for:

“Restoring Vibrant Health in Mid-Life – The 9 Major Health Bandits… 
… and some surprising and inexpensive “hacks” to combat them!

Dr. Bob Lund (Docbob!), DNM, TN, CTH, is a board-certified doctor of natural medicine, traditional naturopath, and certified tribal healer (First Nation Medical Board).  Dr. Lund has been a blood and nutritional researcher for over 25 years and has authored and published medical journal papers.  Dr. Lund specializes in getting to the root of illness, focusing on how to be healthy, rather than managing disease symptoms. Specializing in epigenetics, Dr. Lund helps identify lifestyle and environmental elements that distract the body from health and vitality and trigger genetic-tendency health problems. He utilizes numerous modalities including blood lab analysis from a functional/holistic perspective, herbal medicine, metabolic balancing, live blood microscopy, earth grounding, “sick” building remediation (mold/toxins/EMFs), nutritional and vitamin/mineral therapy, and other traditional naturopathic healing techniques.

Dr. Lund helps people restore their bodies to the “blueprint” that they will thrive by.  He is passionate about helping people experience all the energy and vitality they need in order to be all they can be and do all they can do to walk out their purpose for their lives… so that they can die “young” at a very old age!

His talk will focus on the 9 jaw-dropping ways to get to the root of nearly all of the chronic and degenerative disease (CDD) that is (or will!) plague the vast majority of every person in the U.S.  Humanity as we know it faces near-extinction if we do not give priority attention to these 9 Bandits now.  These 9 actually go to the root of CDDs today… and perhaps the most shocking thing is that the ways to combat these bandits often costs little or nothing! Do not miss his talk!

Find Doc Bob in Booth 49

Colleen Fletcher

Sunday 11am in Class Room B

Join Colleen Fletcher for:

“W.H.O.L.E. Living – The Power of Self”

W.H.O.L.E. living is a divinely inspired concept created by Colleen Fletcher. With the culmination of twenty six years in the alternative health field, Colleen is a multifaceted, holistic health practitioner. She fruitfully guides inspired people to live a vibrant life—one free of pain, with radiant skin, filled with confidence and purpose.

Colleen shares her knowledge of the benefits to a life lived in self empowerment and W.H.O.L.E. living.  W.H.O.L.E. Living and the Power of Self, delivers the essential elements of living yOUR™ life in Wellness, Holistic Health, Oneness, Love and Life, and Enlightened Equilibrium.

Find Colleen at Booth 38

Erik Roth

Sunday 12pm in Class Room B

Join Erik Roth for:

“Your Authentic Self – Using Shamanic Astrology as Guidance” 

Our first breath of life and the moment we enter into this world we have the gifts, elements, tools and spark to launch into the world.  Shamanic Astrology is a body of knowledge that can be of immense help in understanding our soul’s intent and the phases of life.

The moment of birth, there is an imprint of planetary guides and archetypes that provide valuable insight into assisting us on our soul’s journey and hence becoming our authentic self.  Erik will discuss the gifts of Shamanic Astrology and the importance of utilizing your astrology chart to your benefit.

Based in Portland, OR, Erik has been a professional astrologer since 2010, bringing archetypal-awareness to many as we journey to fulfill our soul’s intent. Certified by Daniel Giamario of the Shamanic Astrology Mystery School, he provides astrology readings, talks and teaches shamanic astrology across the Western US.

Find Erik Roth in Booth 12

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