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 Fall 2018 List of Presenters

RaSani Fair Fall Expo
Linn County Expo Center
Willamette Event Hall
3700 Knox Butte Rd E
Albany, OR 97321

Presentations are Free with $5 admission into the fair
(kids under 12 free)

Oct 6, 2018

Class Room


Class Room


Class Room


11:00 am
“Owning Your Power”
Keely Meagan
Booth 33/34

11:00 am
“Empaths, Sensitives, Come Out, Come Out From Wherever You Are!”
Darlene Sochin
Booth B12

11:00 am
“Flower Power: Flower Essences & Their Healing Power”
Booth 19

12:00 pm
“How to Heal with Food”

Nancy Lach, DC
Booth B13

12:00 pm
“My Essential Oils OVERWHELM Me!“
Angie Sherman
Booth E4

12:00 pm
Mediumship is for”

Psychic Medium

Booth D4

1:00 pm
“What is Your Body
Trying to Tell You?”
Janet Doerr
Booth B11

1:00 pm
“Healing Happens: Stories of Healing Against All Odds”
Avital Miller
Booth B2

1:00 pm
“Bo Yoga & Qi Gong for
Better Balance”
Nate Guadagni
Booth 16

2:00 pm
“Soul Gifts and Life Lessons. Discover Your Original Blueprint”
Jennifer Diallo
Booth 32

2:00 pm
“Tools for Energy Clearing & Health: What Ease is Possible?”
Karine Calhoun
Booth B12 

2:00 pm
“Glam From the Inside Out!
The Internal Makeover“
Marilyn Lawrence
Booth D10

3:00 pm
“Unwrapping the Essential”
What’s Truly Essential is UnSeen.
Cathy Morton
Booth  33/34

3:00 pm
“Everything you Want to Know about CBD… But were Afraid to Ask.”
Justine Gibb
Booth A4

3:00 pm
“Collaborating with Your Own Life – Cancer to
Cured in 110 Days”
Dale Lawrence
Booth D12

Oct 7, 2018

Class Room


Class Room


Class Room


11:00 am
“You are More than Your Sun Sign!
Mary Jo Wevers
Booth 6

11:00 am
More Time,
More Money,
More Joy”
Kerri Russell
Booth B10

11:00 am
“Power tools from
a Healer’s
Notebook –
Tips & Techniques
for Stressful Times
& Challenging

Nicole Person
Booth 27


12:00 pm
“Acupressure for

Kimberly McCord

Booth D16 

12:00 pm
& the Energetic
of Law of

Regina LaRocca
Booth C14 

12:00 pm
“Unwrapping the Essential”
What’s Truly
is UnSeen.
Cathy Morton
Booth  33/34

1:00 pm
“Flower Power:
Flower Essences
& Their
Healing Power”

Kasey Schweickert
Booth 19

1:00 pm
“Uncovering Your

Robert Zakian
Booth B14

1:00 pm
“Making an Animal Communicator”
Psychic Medium
Thea Strōm
Booth D6

2:00 pm
“The Language of
A Vibrational
Healing Art”
Wendelin Russell
Booth E8

2:00 pm
with Feng Shui –
and Intention”
Sandra Jeffs
Booth 14

2:00 pm
“Prayer and
Meditation for
World Healing”
Margot Vance-
Booth A6

3:00 pm
“Working with the Stars of Creation”
Brian Porter
Booth 26

3:00 pm
” What Our Divine
Guides & Helpers
Want Us to Know
at this Time”
Maureen Frank TheMandalaLady.com
Booth 7
3:00 pm
“Being You,
Changing the

Cathleen Connor
Booth B10

Featured Speakers:

Darlene Sochin.png

Saturday Oct 6th 11am in Class Room B

Join Intuitive Psychic Darlene Sochin for:

“Empaths and Sensitives, Come Out, Come Out
From Wherever You Are!”

In this Divine, miraculous Universe, You have nothing to fear!
Anxiety, overwhelm, and stress of being in public places be gone!

Are you willing to entertain the notion that as an Infinite Being, empathic and sensitive to everything around you, it can mean the opposite of what you have been lead to believe? With these gifts you are more aware and alert to everything the Universe has to contribute to you. In this talk, all of the extraordinary advantages of being a highly sensitive being will be revealed. You can be assured that when you leave at the end of your time together, you will have the tools and confidence to live fully, wide-opened, magical, and potent as one of the most aware and intuitive beings on the planet.

After over 20 years as a traditional classroom and parenting educator, being diagnosed with Cancer in 2005 turned Darlene’s world upside down and back around again into a life more beautiful and miraculous than before. Finding Reiki to heal her body, and then teaching others they can do the same, her new path lay ahead with new psychic and energetic healing capacities literally at her fingertips. Darlene’s training in several healing modalities gave her the invaluable tools and creative resources to develop her very own energy detective work with clients as well as lifelong techniques she offers as homeplay for after sessions, intuitive coaching, and online healer courses.

Clients include children, adults, and animals. The humans come seeking support with anxiety, energetic overwhelm, intuitive gifts, and past traumas just to name a few. They receive loving, gentle care and are provided with a space in which they are meant to feel safe, respected, and loved without judgment. Each client, each soul, is given Darlene’s utmost adoration and heart.

What Happy Clients have to share:

“A gifted Healer… Darlene’s work is intuitive and powerful! I’ve come to her with much unresolved inner pain and now am walking a centered, joyful woman! She is flexible and even comes to your home! Highly recommend for any life-isms and soul-aches!”

“I am doing the training program with Darlene and I must say she is an incredibly intelligent and intuitive woman, I would highly recommend her as a teacher or practitioner!”

Find Darlene Sochin in Booth #B12



Saturday Oct 6th 11 am in Class Room A

Join Keely Meagan for:

“Owning Your Power”

Imagine speaking your mind freely—particularly when it matters the most. Or taking a controversial action with confidence…

Through storytelling and exercises, Keely Meagan unravels the twisted road to owning your power, and using it responsibly.

A former wallflower, one day she took a terrifying risk to protect a stranger, and Grace took over. Immersed in a powerful, calm and compassionate energy, she surfed the chaos with ease, and had a huge impact.

What a gift! And a challenge…could she replicate that state of being? In the following years, she has been discovering ways to do just that, using exercises and role plays. She now shares those practices with others.

A wellness practitioner specializing in Crystal Reiki & Reconnective Healing, Keely is also a community trauma educator, the creator of copper energy tools and jewelry, a student of Non-Violent Communication, and an activist. She is apprenticing with Crystal Reiki Master Cathy Morton and is available at RaSani for Crystal Reiki sessions and copper energy tools.

Find Keely Meagan and mentor Cathy Morton at Booths 33 & 34



Saturday Oct 6th 12pm in Class Room A

Join Nancy Lach, DC for:

“How to Heal with Food”

From bacon to blueberries – what should we really be eating? Defusing the confusion of the many diets & food recommendations out there.

A lively discussion about food and their healing properties.  Receive handouts on foods to heal thyroid issues, digestive problems, immune disorders and even foods for emotional support.  Learn about the most common barriers to healing and how to overcome them so your body can function as nature intended. Walk away empowered with the knowledge needed to pursue true healing.

Dr. Nancy has over 20 years of experience in holistic health. She is a graduate of the Advanced Clinical Training program in Nutrition Response Testing. As a Chiropractic Physician she has chosen to focus exclusively on custom designed nutrition to handle the underlying causes of ill or non-optimum health, allowing the body to heal and function to its maximum potential.

When the mind, body and soul work together in unison, true health and healing can take place. Let us help you discover the answers to living a holistic life.

Find Nancy Lach, DC in Booth B13


Saturday Oct 6th 12pm in Class Room B

Join Angie Sherman for:

“My Essential Oils OVERWHELM Me!”

Angie discusses a step by step process on how to figure out what essential oils you should use and how to use them based on your health concern.  She shares her favorite essential oil reference books that are user friendly and easy to read.  Learn the 3 techniques for essential oil application and each techniques safety concerns on dosing.  Plus, Angie has many tricks of the trade to help make essential oil use easy, quick and simple.  The last 20 minutes of the lecture will be devoted to a Q & A session so you can get those burning questions answered on how to use your essential oils.

Find Angie Sherman in Booth E4


Saturday Oct 6th 1pm in Class Room A

Join Avital Miller for:

“Healing Happens: Stories of Healing Against All Odds”

This interactive experience, based on the best-selling book Healing Happens, will bring you insight and inspiration from health and healing experts who cured themselves and others despite dire medical prognoses from over twenty illnesses including cancer, diabetes, and autoimmune disorders.

Learn the top four reasons why people have healed from terminal diseases and chronic conditions. Enhance the power to heal yourself through natural healing techniques and awareness in order to comfortably, energetically, and joyfully live your passions.

Fatal pronouncements do not have to be your fate.

Find Avital Miller in Booth B2



Saturday Oct 6th 1pm in Class Room C

Join Nate Guadagni for:

“Bo Yoga & Qi Gong for Better Balance”

Balance naturally declines after the age of 40 and about 1/3 of people over 65 suffer a fall each year. However, balance is something that you can improve if you simply know the 5 factors which comprise your balance. Yoga and Qi (chee) Gong have been proven to help improve these 5 factors and help you avoid falls, reduce stress and improve your energy.

Join Nate for gentle Bo Yoga with a Balance Bar, Qi Gong Exercises and learn the 5 factors to help you stay strong and graceful.

Your teacher, Nate Guadagni has been teaching Taoist Yoga, Qi Gong and Meditation full time for over 13 years and is the founder of Bo Yoga® a mindful movement practice. He is the author of a book, 3 DVD’s, numerous online courses and is a regular presenter at national yoga conferences. Nate is an RYT 500 with Yoga Alliance and a member of the International Association of Yoga Therapists. He has trained recently with Lee Holden, the leading Qi Gong trainer in the USA.

Find Nate Guadagni in Booth 16


Marilyn Lawerence

Saturday Oct 6th 2pm in Class Room C

Join acclaimed author Marilyn Lawrence for:
“Glam From The Inside Out!”
When was the last time you gave yourself an internal makeover?

Have you found that no matter how many new outfits, treatments, makeovers, and spa sessions you have there is something missing? Despite all the “external adjustments” you still don’t appreciate fully the way you look and feel? Perhaps it is time we look deeper…

Unless you like the looks of your inside “self” you will never be truly happy with the outside, And, if you are not happy with the “you” that you present every day, how can you expect anyone else to feel differently?

Let’s start an internal make-over, shall we?

Find your triggers, stumbles, and hurdles that hide your “Shiny,” and learn ways to make your favorite new outfit the one you wear within!

 When you feel connected with self and your purpose,
You shine brightly for all to see.
Talk About Glamorous!


Find Marilyn Lawrence in Booths D10 & D12



Saturday Oct 6th 2pm in Class Room B

Join Karine Calhoun for:
“Tools for Energy Clearing and Health: What Ease is Possible?”

Karine Calhoun is an Energy Healing Professional in Eugene, Oregon. Her practice, Panacea Energetics, serves people and animals with a wide range of complaints. An intuitive, Karine works inter-dimensionally: clearing limititations from past lives, entities, and present life trauma. She loves seeing her clients release and transform, becoming more of themselves. She uses a range of tools and modalities in which she holds several certificates. Come have your Bars run for a relaxing time at the fair. For more information on these, visit her website or booth.

Find Karine Calhoun in Booth B12


Jennifer Diallo.jpg

Saturday Oct 6th 2:00pm in Class Room A

Join Psychic Medium Jennifer Diallo for:

“Soul Gifts and Life Lessons. Discover Your Original Blueprint”

Akashic Alignment reveals your Soul’s essential design and supports more focus and clarity in your life, relationships, career, and spiritual path. Akashic Alignment clears whatever is preventing you from showing up as your glorious Soul self in human form. Learn about your Divine gifts, vibration rate, and chosen life lessons, as well as identifying blocks and restrictions that prevent you from being the True You. When you understand how your Soul Blueprint is reflected in your everyday life, you can easily attune to your Divine design and experience ease and effortless abundance throughout your life.

Jennifer Diallo is an Advanced Soul Realignment Practitioner, intuitive energy healer and psychic medium. Jennifer has been a professional practitioner for more than 10 years, and currently offers in-person sessions in Portland Oregon. Sessions are also available via phone, Skype and Zoom to clients anywhere in the world.

Find Jennifer Diallo in Booth 32


Dale's pic 300

Saturday Oct 6th 3pm in Class Room C

Join International Speaker, Master Live Now Coach,
and International Live Now Speaker Reverend Dale Lawrence for:
“Collaborating With Your Own Life… Cancer to Cured in 110 Days” 

Join Dale as he takes you on a journey of personal awareness, personal life connectivity, and personal wellness collaboration. Over the past 45 years, Dale has been diagnosed with and lived beyond terminal Systemic Lupus in 1974, numerous heart attacks, kidney transplant, emergency open heart surgery, terminal cancer diagnosis, crushed vertebra and spinal illness.  With a help from Spirit, and by his own choice, lives and thrives now, today.

“If you do have the chance, join Dale for real-life spiritual thinking, his humor and coaching in this very unique, engaging, informative, and at times, downright funny way. He will share his many tools for healing your life, your mind and your heart and how to heal your body. You will leave with inspiration and belief.”

“All wellness- physical, mental or otherwise begins with the real you, your belief system, your spiritual self, and what you do with self in a collaboratively defined way… Live your best self NOW- it is your birthright.”  Dale Lawrence

“My Path Is Mine!  Where It Leads, I Do Not Know.
What I Do Know Is, I Will Not Let Fear Hold Me Back From The Adventure!”

Find Reverend Dale Lawrence in Booths D10 & D12



Saturday Oct 6that 3pm in Class Room B

Join Justine Gibb for:

“Everything You Want to Know about CBD but Were Afraid to Ask”

CBD oil is a hot topic right now! The health benefits (both physical and emotional) are sweeping our communities as we begin to understand what a few people have known all along: Pure, Full Spectrum Hemp derived CBD Oil has uncharted healing properties.

It is regulated by the FDA as a food and is Legal in all 50 states. In this talk we’ll clear up the confusion between Marijuana and Hemp. We’ll also highlight the awesome benefits this Plant provides for people, children, and animals. No High-Just Health.
Come get some Goodness!

Justine is a wellness practitioner specializing in Plant Medicine and Integrative Energy Healing. With over a decade of experience; Justine is always on the look-out for new tools. She is over the moon about her latest discovery; Pure Full Spectrum CBD oil.
Hemp Hemp Hooray!

Find Justine Gibb in Booth A4



Saturday Oct 6th 3pm in Class Room A and
Sunday Oct 7th 12pm in Class Room C

Join Cathy Morton for:

“Unwrapping the Essential”
What’s truly essential is unseen.

When you unwrap what’s essential inside, you enjoy more wisdom, freedom in your everyday life, and the power to make changes inside that ripple out.

For Cathy, color is essential. Growing up around the Alaska State Fair, colors, sounds and smells were ablaze. That was her world. It became a gateway to understanding the healing power of color, which is the language of light. In her healing practice, Cathy found that color allows access, then clears and harmonizes peoples’ emotions and energy bodies, which is so essential for our health and well-being.

She invites you to join her in unwrapping colors in ways that bring more aliveness and personal freedom to you from the inside out.

Catapulted into an extraordinary life at a tender age, Cathy underwent a prolonged near-death experience when she was four years old. At 19, she received multiple psychic surgeries and experienced physical proof of energy medicine. She says, “I saw it, I felt it and I knew in my core this was our true human potential. It lit a fire in my soul and set me on my path.”

While raising a family and running a business in Alaska, Cathy spent 25 years pursuing initiations as a Reiki Master, crystal energy authority, human potential coach, drum builder, intuitive and empowerment healer. She now teaches Crystal Reiki in Oregon and Alaska and has a healing practice in Ashland, OR.

Experience Cathy’s insight and healing gifts with a private Crystal/Color Light Bed appointment at the RaSani Fair.


Find Cathy Morton and her Crystal Reiki students in Booths 33 & 34



Sunday Oct 7th 12:00pm in Class Room B

Join Regina LaRocca for:

“Divination & the Energetic Dynamics of Law of Attraction”

We will discuss how the wording of our questions can affect the answers received from the Tarot or other forms of divination. This includes yes and no, leading and future questions. We will look at how to avoid self-fulfilling prophecies.   This class will help you understand the implications of energy cords, thought forms, frequency and forgiveness. We will discuss how they affect focus and therefore manifestation. If there is time, we will learn a metaphor for understanding stress and what needs to be cleared  energetically before we can be a match to what we are wanting in order to create that in our lives through the Law of Attraction.

Find Regina LaRocca in Booth C14



Sunday Oct 7th 11:00am in Class Room A

Join Karmic Astrologer and Journey™ Practitioner
Mary Jo Wevers, PhD for:

“You are More than Your Sun Sign!”

Many people are familiar with their Sun sign, or Star sign, in their horoscope. However your Sun sign is only one feature in your astrological chart. You have all the signs of the zodiac in your chart, if not planets in all the signs. The unique pattern of planets in their signs and houses reflects a more complex and multi-faceted you!

In this talk Mary Jo will provide an overview of the astrological model, including the key features of a chart and how they are interpreted. Your astrological chart reveals your karmic past, your present day strengths and weaknesses, and illuminates the path to your spiritual future. Come learn how this fascinating discipline can help you understand yourself and your life experiences, and help you chart your destiny.

Find Mary Jo Wevers in Booth #6



Sunday Oct 7th 1:00pm in Class Room C

Join Psychic Medium and Animal Communicator Thea Strom for:

“Making an Animal Communicator”

Animal Communication is the art of connecting spirit-to-spirit with animals, both living and passed, and being their translator. This is something everyone is born with the ability to do, it’s just that most haven’t learned how to utilize it. Come learn more about how it all works, what animal communicators do during a session, and how you can begin to connect better with your own animal companions.

Thea Strom is a certified psychic medium, and animal communicator. In addition to giving readings and healings, she has several years of experience teaching and mentoring people in developing their own abilities. She is passionate about bringing out the psychic, medium, or animal communicator in everyone, in a grounded and practical way.

Ever since she was little, Thea has been sensitive to the energy of others, beyond just the physical. While she was always deeply interested in the spiritual and metaphysical, she didn’t understand the effect her energy-sensitivity had on her until her late teens, when severe symptoms began to surface as a result of not dealing with her abilities properly. On her own path to fully healing, Thea’s innate psychic gifts blossomed and she began to receive visits from random spirits. These experiences, while frightening at the time, prompted her to learn everything she could about using her abilities to help others. Thus, she was propelled forward on her path as a psychic, medium, and animal communicator, a path that now fills her with immense joy. One of her passions is to teach others how to develop their own abilities, connecting them to the energy all around us.

Find Thea Strom in Booth D6


Screen Shot 2018-09-03 at 12.45.20 AM

Sunday Oct 7th 1:00pm in Class Room B

Join Transpersonal Intuitive Robert Zakian for:

“Uncovering Your True Self”

Because of unpredictable worldly events it is very important to uncover your-true self where love, truth, and wisdom reside.  Robert will provide insight on discovering your gifts and removing blockages.  Robert is a Transpersonal Intuitive  providing readings and workshops since 2001.  Join Robert for a wonderful and powerful gathering.

Find Robert Zakian in Booth B14



Sunday Oct 7th 2:00pm in Class Room A

Join Wendelin Russell for:

“The Language of Light: A Vibrational Healing Art”

Wendelin Russell has been painting the Language of Light for 20 years, as an expression of “Your Inner Beauty on Canvas.”  In this talk, Wendelin will impart her experiences with Light Writings, and explain how her Paintings are used to jog a person’s soul memory.  Utilizing Light Writings and Sound, she will offer participants a special message and group healing.

Find Wendelin Russell in Booth E8



Sunday Oct 7th 3:00pm in Class Room B

Join Artist and Intuitive Channel Maureen Frank for:

“What Our Divine Guides & Helpers Want Us to Know at this Time”

For this talk, Maureen connects with the Divine Guides & Helpers of the audience and channels a collective vision and message for all of those present. The vision becomes a story, offering shared insights and guidance along the way, as well as inspiration and a plan of action.

As time permits, she channels individual messages to those in the audience upon request. These messages offer insights that their Divine Guides & Helpers want them to know at this time.

Maureen started her metaphysical career as a Mandala Artist after an insightful and inspiring trip to Egypt in 1999. Working with her Divine Helpers & Guides, a team she calls “RHONDA”, she connects with the energies of art that want to be made manifest, thus co-creating them into various forms of mandala art.

A few years later, she became aware of her ability to connect with the Divine energies of people by doing visual story-telling readings. During these sessions, Maureen creates a painting that represents the insights and guidance that is in that person’s best interest to receive, which may include messages from a past life, another dimension, or from someone who has crossed over.

Along with her mandala art, she also created hand-painted Mandala Meditation Stones and a series of Mandala Coloring Books; both of which help people expand on their meditation practice and support their journey of Self Discovery.

In all that she does, Maureen strives to fulfill her mission to help people wake up to their own Inner Light offering them encouragement and inspiration to soar like the ones they are meant to be.

Find Maureen Frank in Booth 7 after her talk



Sunday Oct 7th 3:00pm in Class Room C

Join Access Consciousness Facilitator, CFMW
Cathleen Connor for:

“Being You, Changing the World”

The book Being You, Changing the World is a truly innovative toolbox for the seekers in the world – the people who know that something different is possible but who have never before had the tools to create what they really desire. This session is about tapping into your own awareness and knowing about your personal super powers, abilities and capacities and bringing them more dynamically into the world. It will not provide you with one single answer to hold on to. Instead this session will show you how to function from question and choice, and give you access to all that you innately already know. What if you, truly being you, can change the world? Is now the time to be YOU in your own crazy, unique way?

About the speaker: Cathleen Connor,  Access Consciousness Facilitator, CFMW

As a mother and elementary special education teacher for many years, Cathleen knew that she had awareness and talents to share with the world but didn’t have full access and tools to create dynamically until she came across Access Consciousness at a fair like this one in Portland, OR. Someone asked her, “Do you have any idea of the GIFT you are in the world?” Since finding these tools, she has co-authored two books: Possibilities in Parenting and The Lightness of Choosing You, hosted three radio shows: Growing Up Conscious, Super Scoop of Consciousness and Dancing with Consciousness. She has also created traveling to amazing places like Costa Rica, Vancouver BC, and Italy to keep expanding her knowledge of consciousness and being fully expressive in the world. Knowing that so much more is possible to create with total conscious choice, she loves sharing these tools!

You can get a free download of the first chapter of the book at BeingYouChangingTheWorld.com

Find Cathleen Connor in Booth B10


Fall 2018 RaSani Speakers

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