Ready for an upgrade?

Are you ready for an upgrade? December is your month!

Today is one of the most important days of the month! There is a lot going on astrologically… we have a Full Moon at 11° Gemini and Mercury at 29° Sagittarius went into retrograde. Plus the Full Moon is squaring Neptune and the Mercury retrograde is approaching a conjunction to Saturn. With Gemini being the natural ruler of Mercury, we have a wonderful axis of truth between Gemini and Sagittarius.

This Full Moon in Gemini will let you know what Saturn in Sagittarius was all about – in a way, it marks the closing of Saturn in Sagittarius, as we get ready for Saturn to go into Capricorn on Dec 20th. But the message may not be so clear, even though it comes from the Galactic Center (Mercury and Saturn are conjunct the Galactic Center). The Full Moon squares Neptune which makes thing a little blurry. You might not want to hear the truth…or at least, not yet.

However, if you do listen and look inward, you will finally figure out what is stopping you from aligning yourself with the truth of who you are. What lies or excuses have you been telling yourself? What can you see if you open your eyes with this energy?


“The best interpretation of these times is that we are being rewired energetically in preparation for something new: new ideas, new insights, new belief systems, new experiences, new attitudes, and a new relationship with life.” By Lena Stephens

With Saturn coming into it’s natural ruler Capricorn December 20th it is time for us to figure out what needs to change so that we are ready to prepare for the next three years. The more realistic, wise and committed we are, the more productive these next few years will be. It can be our pathway to an upgraded secure way of living and being.

If you want to be supported during this upgrade or are having trouble with seeing what holds you back or if you tend to slide back into old patterns… why don’t you join Cherry Divine and I for the Hawaiian Experience Retreat in Hawaii, February 10-17th. It will be a journey of Personal Awareness, Self-Love & Self-Empowerment!  We only have about 4 spaces left and would love to have you join us. Sign up by Dec 15th and receive an early bird discount!

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Use the energy of this mercury retrograde to look inward and reconnect with your heart and your true soul. Look over your options, your wants, your desires, the relationships in your life and find the spiritual truth that the universe is wanting you to see and hear right now. Think about joining us in Hawaii. We’ll help you release emotional trauma held in your energetic body, break down barriers that have kept you from creating your dreams and give you the tools and experiences to claim and live in your personal power!






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